Exit Code

You solved all the puzzles and got the loot from vault 777. Now it’s time to get out from the bank before the alarm sounds…. Hurry up  !

Enter the exit door code below : (Warning : You only get one try)


Congratulation !

The robbery of the century!

The money of the 777 safe is gone.

On Saturday evening, at around 2 a.m., a team of masked thieves broke into the central bank of New York.

It seems that only one safe was targeted by the robbery. According to the bank, it is the 777 safe, the most secure. The thieves seem to be professionals because they have managed to bypass all security systems.

"This is a remarkable case! It was a new safe recently installed.... The first customer, a certain "White Rabbit" was the only person who knew about it outside the bank's employees. He still hasn't come forward. Is he behind this case?" said Inspector Tores.

Wrong Code

The heist of the century failed!

The police arrived on time, the robbers behind bars.

On Saturday evening, at around 2 a.m., the local police arrested a gang of burglars in the Central Bank of New York.

Investigators report that the robbers specifically broke into the bank's most secure location. However, the general alarm went off before they left and the authorities were able to apprehend them in time.  Some questions are still outstanding: What was the real content of the 777 safe and why this one in particular ? How come the alarm didn't go off immediately?

Indeed, 60 minutes passed after the robbers' intrusion. The investigation is still ongoing.... The group is now behind bars and awaiting trial. "It was a close call for them to slip through our fingers," says Inspector Tores.