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I discovered this concept and I recommend it because they sell games to transform your home into the world of your dreams! A great adventure with Escape Kit
Jennifer - Mom's blog
June 2019
Original games adapted to all ages ! You won't be disappointed, my daughter loved it ! She had a great time with her friends, one afternoon in Derellia's Kingdom 🥳
Mom & daughter
August 2019
This concept is great to play at school with the students !!! My colleagues loved to implement this activity because it strengthens the links between the students.
December 2018

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Review 1
For my son's 11th birthday we did the Panic in Space game. The kids were in 2 teams, each in a room and it was great. The puzzles are great (the clues are perfect), and the background music puts us in the mood right away. Congratulations, we'll be back to do another one soon.
Jessica A.
40 years old - 11 children
I was looking for escape rooms for the kids and when I found Escape Kit, I was really excited for my kids to play. They tested the box and they loved it ! They're ready to try new games, I recommend
Luna V.
35 years old - 2 children
Great game inspired by Money Heist series! We played the Heist of the Century kit! Very intuitive, I recommend this game for about 5/6 people maximum! Best played in a house to use the different rooms, but it works very well on the table! 💯💯
Michael B.
40 years old - 5 adults
Many thanks Escape Kit !! We tried this box and it was perfect for my son's birthday and for a rainy day...
Mila P.
33 years old - 1 child
The cursed treasure (at-home escape room): great... the kids loved it. ...we made two teams and did the outdoor game. Do not hesitate to buy it. Your children will have a good time.
Daniel R.
40 years old - 6 children

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