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If you are here, it’s because you are curious to know what is an Escape Room. Well, you are at the right place, because Escape Kit’s team worked to bring you the kits that you were waiting from a long time.

This was made just for you, a real adventure awaits you! It’s a golden opportunity to get into an original activity for your loved ones. Just print it, set it up and transform your home into a life-sized puzzle with our Escape Room Kit.

Once you have downloaded the kit, you will get everything you need to organize the Escape Room and all of this in no time! An atypical gift for kids, teenagers and adults, they will have around an hour to solve puzzles and search for hidden clues like a real Escape Room.

They love us!

(and so do we) 🥰

Amazing concept!! We tested panic in space and it was so fun!! All the kids were so happy to do this adventure!! I recommend 100%
Escape game avatar jaune
Aisha D.
35 years old
We tested the kids box and we were so surprised with the experience!! Many laughs and so many enigmas to solve but it was perfect!! One hour of fun for all the family!! I recommend.
Escape game lunettes
Jessica N.
45 years old - 2 kids
We were able to test an escape room kit for kids and it was great!!! The kids loved it, we loved it too. The graphics and the story were very nice!!! I highly recommend it and we will do it again!!!
Escape game avatar
Kate D.
55 years old - 2 kids
Perfect game to do for your kid's birthday!! Escape Kit's team were so reactive responding all my questions!! Many thanks for bring an Escape Room to our homes!!
Escape game avatar
Johnny K.
52 years old - 3 kids
Many thanks Escape Kit for the experience!! I really recommend their games because they are well designed and all the kits have accessories to be able to transform your space into a real adventure!!
Escape game avatar
Eva B.
47 years old - 1 child