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Our idea

Escape Kit is the reference site for designing an Escape Room at home. Download, print and install.

Escape Kit is the easiest way to turn your home/apartment into a real Escape Game.

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Why Escape Kit ?

Escape Kit launches the new generation of Escape Rooms and brings the puzzles into your homes !

Created in Japan in 2008, and introduced in France in 2013, Escape Rooms are in full expansion. A concept that has generated a real enthusiasm appealing to the needs of belonging to a group, highlighting mechanisms of reflection, speed, collaboration, exchanges, emotions and a taste for challenge. Escape Rooms are sold out, but distance and price remain a barrier to their adoption by families.

Escape-kit.com removes these barriers and offers players to organize an escape room in their living space (house, apartment, office) for $22. It then becomes possible to find all the benefits of the escape game experience without having the constraints.

Escape Rooms to do at home with family or friends to spend an extraordinary time. A “DIY” approach (Do It Yourself) praised by many specialists and parents for the values it conveys, particularly through play with the notions of sharing, learning, knowledge exchange…

Escape… while staying in your house ! As the Escape Room phenomenon spreads in France, it was impossible until now to transform your living room, kitchen, garden, classroom… into an escape room.

It is now possible thanks to Escape Kit, the game invites itself into your universe. You live an adventure with family, with friends, to share moments of complicity and exchanges.

Search the room, solve puzzles, discover clues, play with the sets… You only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and get out of one of the chosen scenarios !

Different scenarios have been developed to meet the desires of children, teenagers and adults.

You choose the degree of difficulty and download your scenario. Then you print it and it’s ready to use ! Invite your friends/family and start the clock !