What is an Escape Room Kit ?

A new concept of House Escape Room.

Why reinvent the wheel when we have done all the work ? After all, do you really have time to create a complete Escape Game ?

Instead of worrying about details and game mechanics, why not download a ready-to-use kit and focus on organizing the evening !

Escape Room Murder

Advantages of Escape Kit


Escape Room at less than $22

Enjoy a complete Escape Game for less than $22, 75% cheaper than a classic Escape Room.

Quick to set up

All the steps are detailed, you only need around 15 minutes of installation for 60 minutes of play.


Play everywhere

Turn any place into an Escape Room. Cabin, classroom, igloo… anything is possible!

Enfants Adultes Madame Duroy Jeu Escape Game

What is an Escape Room?

Imagine if you could take the best of an Escape Room and put it all in a box.

You will probably call it “Escape Kit“, “House Escape” or “House Escape Room“.

A clever mix of board game, treasure hunt and mood game. It would be an ideal cocktail to play with friends, colleagues, children or your family.

The cherry on the cake? You would be able to customize it.

Sincerely the perfect game for a successful evening!

How Escape Room Kit works?

When you have downloaded your Escape Room kit, print the file. Then, prepare the puzzles and assembled elements at home by following the setup guide. It’s VERY simple and VERY fast.

All you have to do is invite your crew, prepare drinks, snacks and put on the music provided in the kit (yes, we even provide the background music, if it is not beautiful life 🙂 ) !

Let’s go for an hour of laughter, stress and running after the watch! Players will only have one hour and not a minute more to solve the Escape Room kit!

Enfants Adultes Escape Game Jeu

An Escape Room kit is an Escape Game to print in a PDF format to play at home, the best game you will ever play !

The kit includes, the full game, invitations and posters to recreate the atmosphere of a real Escape Room in your living room or in your company.

An Escape Game kit ideal for all types of events: wedding, student union, school, summer camp, adventure, leisure, association, team-building, sport, book, games, agency, aperitif, treasure hunt, orienteering race, bachelor party (bachelorette party), summer holidays.

Activity to do: With family, friends, colleagues, grandparents, and parents, with children, parents of students, at high school, university, faculty, preparatory course, business or engineering school.

Escape Room kit to do in a school from 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade…

The opinions from Escape Kit players are more than positive, we are currently working on new scenarios including a sample that will be free on our facebook page !

Find out how to make a cheap Escape Room and how to make an Escape Room for a large group of people.