Create your own Escape Room to do at home

Why reinvent the wheel when we’ve already done all the work for you? After all, do you really have time to create a complete Escape Room?

Instead of worrying about details and game mechanics, why not download a ready-to-use kit and focus on organizing the evening!

Do you know the printable escape rooms? We explain everything about this new concept: printable games for children, teenagers, and adults!


What does an Escape Room kit contain?

  • Riddles to rack your brains
  • Setup guide and answers to simplify the organizer’s life
  • Hints to give players a head start
  • Background music with countdown to immerse the players
  • Accessories to turn your home into a real Escape Room

What material do you need to use your Escape Kit?

  • Printer with color cartridge (don’t worry, everything is optimized)
  • Computer
  • A pair of scissors
Comment créer une chasse au trésor - Escape Kit

Advantages of Escape Kit

  1. Enjoy a complete Escape Room for as little as $33, 75% cheaper than a classic Escape Room.

  2. We explain all the steps simply, all you need is 15 minutes to set up for 60 minutes of play.

  3. Transform any place into an Escape Room, wherever it is at home or outdoor: home, garden, park, cabin, classroom, igloo, … Anything is possible!

What is an Escape Room Kit?

Imagine if you could take the best of an Escape Room and put it all in a box.

You would probably call it “Escape Kit, “Escape from Home”, “At-home Escape Room“, “Exit game” or “Escape Room games…

A clever mix of board game, treasure hunt and mind-bending puzzles. It’s a perfect way to make good memories with friends, colleagues, children, or your family.

The cherry on top? You’re able to customize it.
Seriously, the perfect activity for a memorable evening!!

Escape Room kits, print, and play!

After downloading your Escape Room kit, print everything out. Prepare the puzzles and complete the simple assembly steps by following the fast and easy setup guide. 

Now all you need to do is invite your crew, prepare drinks and snacks, and press play on the playlist we provide with the kit (yes, we even provide the background music, life is sweet, isn’t it?! 🙂)!

Now you’re ready for an hour of laughter, mind-bending puzzles, and racing against the clock to solve the Escape Room kit!

Where can I buy an escape room kit?

An Escape Room kit is a printable Escape Room in a PDF format, that you’re able to play at home!

The kit includes the full game, invitations, and certificates to recreate the atmosphere of a real Escape Room in your living room or at work.

Escape Room kits are ideal for all types of occasions: weddings, student government, school, summer camps, clubs, team-building, sports teams, bachelor and bachelorette partiessummer vacation boredom busters.

Perfect to do with: family, friends, colleagues, grandparents, parents, children, high schoolers, university students, or engineering students.

We have rave reviews from people who have tried out our games, so we’re currently writing new scenarios, including a sample that will be free on our Facebook page!

Find out how to create an affordable Escape Room and how to adapt an Escape Room for a large group of people.

This way to choose your printable escape rooms: Escape Kit!

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How does it work?


after downloading your Escape Kit

Set up

your escape room in 30 min max!


with the countdown and background music 

Escape Room diy

Discover our games

At your place in 1 click

Download the Escape Kit as a PDF, print it out and follow the instructions.
It’s quick and easy!

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