Escape Rooms for the classroom

Escape Kit offers you to transform your classroom into an Escape Room to learn while having fun!
Want to try it with your students?

enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu

What is an Escape Room?

Do you know Escape Rooms (also called Escape Game or Exit Room)? Have you ever done one with your friends or family?

If not, don’t panic! You can take a look at our article: What is an Escape Room?

Organizing an Escape Room at school allows to set up a more innovative and original pedagogy, based on a more playful and motivating learning method for the students.

Unfortunately, physical Escape Rooms cannot welcome so many little heads. What a headache! What if you moved the Escape Room into your classroom?

Can this be done at my school?

Yes! 🙂

Escape Rooms called “classic” may impress you in the settings, with smoke, sound effects or secret doors… but recreating this kind of atmosphere is not an easy task!

Installing lasers or inviting zombies inside the establishment could get you into trouble…

Good news! There’s nothing to stop you from creating a themed scenario that your students will enjoy with Escape Room inspired riddles and puzzles.

Escape game école
enfants classe escape game jeu

What are the benefits of an Escape Room in the classroom?

Through the game, your students will be able to develop important cross-curricular skills, such as logic and communication, which you can work on throughout the program.

Escape Rooms also allow students to understand team spirit, especially if they are competing with other teams.

Creating an Escape Room at school!


Will my students enjoy the activity?

By creating an Escape Room in the classroom, you can offer them a new, innovative and challenging environment that will allow them to play as a team. By cooperating, they will be able to participate in their own way in solving the puzzles. Students will be able to use their skills and knowledge to help the group.

Their efforts will be rewarded by completing the challenge in time 😉

enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu

Ready to try a new experience?

Are you ready to start creating a game from scratch? What if you opted for a turnkey Escape Room?

Our Escape Kit can be printed out as much as you like ! If you have 6 or more students, we recommend that you divide the class into small groups. To do this, print the game several times and put the groups in competition. We give you all our tips for organizing an Escape Room in large groups in our blog! Plus, you can keep the kit to reuse the next year 😉

If you want, you can also add your own personal touch, like the name of your class, little jokes or pictures of the kids… Although optional, customization is a good way to immerse the students even more in the game!

Discover our ideas on how to organise an Escape Room at school with our infographics!


Teachers love us!

(and we love them back) 🥰

Last Friday, we tried out our first escape room from @escapegamekit. I chose The sleeping curse! The children had to go to different rooms in the school where they met an adult who gave them a riddle. The riddles were very varied and fun. With each puzzle, the students received a clue and a piece of a key. The clues collected were used to find the spell and the pieces of key to open the Chamber of Secrets. Of course we had to adapt a little for the number of students. Each team went to the rooms in a different order. There were two sets of each puzzle, so each room could have two teams at the same time. We had a lot of fun and the Chamber of Secrets had some yummy edible gold!
Cassie I.
My students are learning to cooperate, which is why I wanted to bring an Escape Room to the classroom. We tried out "The Lost Mummy". Puzzles were very well designed puzzles and allowed students to work together in small groups.
Tessa M.
I bought the Lost Mummy game last night. I set up the game for my high school students today. It was a huge success... 60 students in groups of three to six. It turned out really well. Thank you so much!
Judy B.
enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu / kids escape room school
Escape Game pour enfants
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jeu Escape Game kit a faire à la maison

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