Escape Room – Educational Kit

It’s time to kill the boredom of your students by turning your classroom into a mini Escape Room adventure.

We will explain everything !

enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu

What is an Escape Room?

Have you heard about the Escape Room? Perhaps you tried to escape from a few of them?

If not, don’t worry, we haven’t summarized everything. Discover What is an Escape Room?!

And when you escaped one of the puzzles, you thought probably, “It would be great to do one in class! My students will love it!

You’re absolutely right! Escape Rooms in the school environment are excellent educational tools.

The problem is that you can’t bring all your students into Escape Room. Logistics would be a nightmare! But then why not to do one in your classroom?

Can I do it in my school?

Absolutely! 🙂

Yes, the puzzles of the “classic” Escape Rooms are really well done. There are secret doors to open, lasers, smoke, sound effects, zombies…

Recreating this type of atmosphere can be a break for creation. In addition, you could get in trouble if you decide to install lasers or bring zombies into your school! 🙂

No problem if you create a scenario based on the theme that most represents your students. You just have to complete the theme with puzzles inspired by Escape Rooms.

Escape game école
enfants classe escape game jeu

Escape Room is a useful idea to learn at school?

Yes. Your students will play but they also will learn.

The Escape Room will allow them to work on their logic and mathematics in a team environment. They will compete with the other teams in the class. It’s a fun way to learn.

You can customize the Escape Kit to add additional challenges or increase the difficulty of some tests.

The Escape Room can be done in a primary school, a middle school, a high school or even a daycare or leisure center for children.

Will my students participate?

They will participate :

Instead of giving lectures or assigning reading and/or writing, you will immerse your students in a story and give them the opportunity to achieve a fictional goal in a short time.

It will force them to move around the classroom, they will have a chance to compete for puzzles with their classmates, and also to show their individual skills! It permits to interact with each other and maybe for the first time winning a game!

Of course, grades are good, but getting out of a pyramid in less than an hour is so much more satisfying!

enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu

Begin with Escape Kit

Advantages of using an Escape Kit:

  • Print it for each team: You can divide your students into small groups (5 or more). In addition, you can keep the kit to one side and reuse it the following year.
  • Customized: It’s fun to add your own touch to the Escape Room, such as the name of the class, a joke, pictures of the children… Customization is optional, but if you have time, it allow a better immersion.

They love us!

(and so do we) 🥰

Last Friday, we finished our period with the escape room from @escapegamekit. The sleepigng curse, our little wizards have to break the curse by finding a spell. The children had to go to different rooms in the school where they met an adult who gave them a riddle. The riddles were very varied and fun. Each puzzle gave a clue and a piece of key. The clues collected were used to find the spell and the pieces of key to open the Chamber of Secrets. Of course we had to adapt a little bit according to the material and human conditions. Each team did not go to the rooms in the same order and in each room their wheel plug was the plan. There were two sets of each puzzle, so each room could have two teams at the same time. We had a lot of fun and the Chamber of Secrets had some yummy edible gold!
Cassie I.
Learning to Cooperate - Holiday Eve Ritual : Escape Room Experimentation of a "ready-to-use" Escape Rooms : The Lost Mummy Very well designed puzzles that allowed students to work together in small groups.
Tessa M.
I bought the Lost Mummy game last night. I set up the game for my high school students today. And it was a huge success... 60 students in groups of three to six. And it turned out really well. Thank you so much!
Judy B.
enfants classe escape game jeu
enfants classe escape game jeu / kids escape room school
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