Definition : What is an Escape Room ?

Definition of an Escape Room

It is a fun and innovative entertainment concept that anyone can try. Participants are locked in a theme room and must try to get out in less than 60 minutes.

  • One hour
  • One team
  • One investigation

What is happenning during an Escape Room ?

After an initial briefing covering the general rules, a Game Master guides you to the door of your room. Before entering the famous room, the Game Master presents the story, what awaits the players in the room and how to get started (this can also be done via a video presentation).

Then, the group of players begins to explore the room, look for clues and solve puzzles and challenges one by one to escape in less than 60 minutes.

famille jeu madame duroy escape game

Who can play to an Escape Room ?

Escape Rooms are intended for all people who like to have fun, play as a team and are looking for a new and innovative concept.

Whether you are a group of friends, family or colleagues, there is room for everyone. Escape Rooms are also excellent for team building. Once the door is closed, your group will focus on the singular goal and working together to trying to get out on time.

Some typical physical elements of an Escape Room

Cadenas Escape Game
Locks and wrenchesTo move forward and open certain doors or safes, you will need to find physical keys or numeric codes in the room that will unlock certain locks.
A locked exit door​This is the final door that you will have to open in less than 60 minutes.
Many rooms​Often, the first piece you enter will not be the only piece you will need to solve the complete set.
Hidden doors​This is the element most appreciated by the players. In some room, there are hiding places/openings that lead to other rooms. Hidden doors are usually activated by magnetic/electronic switches, by a staff member, or by simply obtaining instructions or the ability to remove an object to find a tunnel/gate.

The concept of an Escape Room on video

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