What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a popular activity which can be played by several participants. Locked in a room symbolising a closed place (a castle, a pirate ship, an Egyptian pyramid, a prison, a distant planet, etc.), the participants must work together to investigate and solve the puzzles that will allow them to escape in a limited time.

Reflection, cooperation, imagination and fun, the Escape Room allows everyone to share an amazing and unforgettable moment.

(And now you can even do it at home!)

⏳1 hour
👫 1 team
🔦 1 investigation
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How does an Escape Room work?

Basically, an Escape Room always takes place in three steps:

The briefing

The Game Master (the one who organises and manages the game) invites the participants and explains the context of the game: the time, the situation and the objective. In most cases, the objective is to get out of an enclosed space in less than 60 minutes. The Game Master should also explain how to start the game: what challenge or puzzle to solve to get started. The Game Master then lets the participants into the playroom, and the countdown begins!

The game

Once locked in the playroom, participants, young and old, must work together to explore the area, find clues, solve puzzles and take part in challenges which will allow them, step by step, to progress in the game and escape before the end of the countdown.

The celebration

Whether the objective was reached or not, whether you escaped before the end of the countdown or not, whether the alarm went off just right before you reach your goal, the Escape Room always ends with a debriefing between the players and the Game Master and, usually, with a drink or even a slice of birthday cake. We really had a good time, didn’t we?

Are Escape Rooms suitable for you?

These new Escape Rooms reach a very large audience. Do you like to have fun? Play in teams? Rack your brains? Are you looking for a challenging, fun and innovative game? Escape Rooms are for you!

Family, group of friends, work colleagues, classmates, a group of children for a birthday party, there is a game for everybody. From 7 to 77 years old, the Escape Room has no age limits. Only the complexity of the puzzles will change.

Excellent for team building and collaboration, Escape Rooms encourage teamwork, sharing and solidarity, with the whole group working towards the same common goal: escape from the playroom in the given time.

Escape Room Example video

Some of the typical elements of an Escape Room

Cadenas Escape Game
Locks and wrenchesTo move forward and open certain doors or safes, you will need to find physical keys or numeric codes in the room that will unlock certain locks.
A locked exit door​This is the final door that you will have to open in less than 60 minutes.
Many rooms​Often, the first piece you enter will not be the only piece you will need to solve the complete set.
Hidden doors​This is the element most appreciated by the players. In some room, there are hiding places/openings that lead to other rooms. Hidden doors are usually activated by magnetic/electronic switches, by a staff member, or by simply obtaining instructions or the ability to remove an object to find a tunnel/gate.

Escape Kit: the Escape Room to do at home


An At-Home Escape Room

We have condensed all the spirit of an Escape Room into a full kit, ready to be used to transform your home into a playground of multiple adventures. A setting, a team, an hour, puzzles: it’s your turn!


A complete kit to download and print

Download all the elements of the kit, print them and start the adventure. Decorations, guides, puzzles, clues, invitations, diplomas… Everything is ready for the ultimate challenge: escape in less than an hour. As a bonus, you’ll receive a few free surprises to make the party complete.


Suitable for all occasions

Birthday parties, evenings with friends, rainy afternoons, school holidays, any occasion is good to do an Escape Room at home. Fast to set up and offering a wide variety of game universes, from the youngest to the oldest, our kits will amuse you whatever the occasion.


For only US $20

For $20 each, our kits offer you a great escape, 75% cheaper than a physical Escape Room. What could be better?

Cheap Escape Room


From 2 to 500 participants

In couples, with friends, with 4 or 40 people, in class or even at work, our kits have no limit on the number of players. We have the solution to make many players play by multiplying rooms and puzzles.

Discover our Escape Rooms for “Large groups”


Where and when you want!

Birthday, special event, rainy Sunday, Halloween party… All occasions are good to transform your house, your garden or your igloo into an Escape Room.

What is an Escape Kit?

Infography : How to do an ESCAPE ROOM in your flat ? 

Infography : How to make an ESCAPE ROOM in your apartment ?