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The mysterious murder

Turn your house into a giant murder party and investigate the suspicious death of Mrs. Thompson! Who could have done this? Find the culprit!

  • Age game: 14 + years old
  • Set-up time: 25 min
  • Duration game: 1 h
  • Level game: Difficult
  • Number of gamers: 2-5 players per group

✓ Satisfied or refunded

  • On Sunday, November 23, the Vermont police received a panicked call from someone who had been staying at the Thompson's Manor on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.
    Mrs Thompson was found dead in her room and the cause of death is unknown. There are no signs of forced entry, but there are many elements to be analyzed in order to solve this mystery.
    The killer has not been identified, and the police is currently on its way. As the manor is located in the countryside, they will not arrive for another hour…

    • Riddle sheets to rack your brains
    • Setup guide and answers to simplify the organizer's life
    • Clues to give players a helping hand
    • Background music with a countdown to immerse the players
    • Accessories to transform your home into an authentic Escape Room
    • Diploma at the end of the game to congratulate winners
    • Fun photo booth to immortalize your beautiful memories
  • You receive your game immediately by email. Just print it out and install it thanks to a setup guide and prepare the game in a few minutes!
    Decorate your home for a better immersion. Ready to play? Give the mission to the adventurers, start the background music with countdown and let's go for 1 hour of adventure!
    Psst, don’t forget to take some pictures for an unforgettable moment.

The mysterious murder

  • Age game: 14 + years old

✓ Satisfied or refunded

Cluedo_Clue_Escape Game_ Escape Kit

Super easy to install!


your game and receive all the information


the PDF to prepare your activity


your space in 30 min max!

In your kit there is…

Download The mysterious murder Escape Room and receive a complete turnkey kit to start playing quickly!

The puzzles

The essentials to get you started: a captivating mission scenario, a series of puzzles and challenges to achieve, to reach your final goal!


Posters, invitation, victory poster (so important!) and other accessories for a total immersion in a giant murder party to investigate a suspicious murder.

Life-size cluedo - At home Escape Room
Life-size cluedo - At home Escape Room

The instructions

Each step has been thought by our specialists to make the setup as easy and quick as possible. Follow the guide: print, cut and install, that’s it!

The playlist

A YouTube playlist accompanies you to plunge your house or apartment in an extraordinary mood.

Team spirit and sharing, challenge yourself in a stimulating, playful and healthy confrontation.

60 min

of play

A moment of reflection, laughter, and race against the clock!

2 to 90


Our Escape Kit can be adapted to a large number of people.

They love it!


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  1. Susan Meyer

    Susan Meyer

    First time I had done an Escape Room and so didn’t know what to expect. We felt we had been challenged and it was great fun ! Would strongly recommend and would do again !

  2. Jake Perol

    Jake Perol

    Great group experience (14 of us) last night. The puzzles are well crafted with just the right level of difficulty to make it challenging.

  3. Myriam Queens

    Myriam Queens

    Thank you Escape Kit, really loved this at home escape Room, it was great trying to find the suspect. Easy to install, nice game.

  4. Leo Kantov

    Leo Kantov

    A great family experience! We had a great time with this escape room. We are quickly immersed in the scenario of the puzzle to solve.
    The story is well put together, and we didn’t have too much time to accomplish our mission!
    Laughter, complicity, team spirit, all in a good mood, in short, we loved it, children and adults!

  5. Charlotte Murphy

    Charlotte Murphy

    We don’t see the time pass, I was a really great moment with the family !

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Frequently asked questions

  • The mysterious murder is an Escape Room designed for teens & adults from 14 years old, ideal to have fun while you rack your brains!

  • Material needed:

    • A printer
    • A full ink cartridge
    • Scissors
    • A cutter
    • Glue
    • Tape
  • Absolutely! Our escape rooms are designed so that everyone can play them: in a house or in an apartment, indoors or outdoors, in one or several rooms.

  • Yes, this is a cooperative team adventure designed for players from 2 to 5 people. If there are more players, make teams and print one copy of the game per team. In this case, the first group to finish wins 😉  For example, for a group of 25 people, print the Escape Kit 5 times and make groups of 5.

  • During the game, it is necessary to use the internet to access the clues and answers to help the children if needed. However, this page can be accessed from a phone for simplicity.

  • Of course!

    You can set up the game outside, either in your garden or in a park. Psst, be careful with the wind 😉

  • To purchase this Escape Room, simply:

    • Add the game to the cart
    • Enter your data (name, last name, email)
    • Confirm your order
    • Open and download the Zip file received by email from a computer
    • Read the setup and printing guide
    • Print the game and prepare it according to the setup guide
    • Start the timer, and you are ready for 1 hour of Escape Room adventure at home!
  • We have designed guides to help you as much as possible with the setup: a printing guide, a setup guide and clues and answers guide.

    It is very simple. 🙂

  • Not necessarily! We provide you with a guide of clues and answers to help you if necessary during the game. This page can be read by:

    • A facilitator who will not play the game and who will have the role of advancing the players when they need it
    • A player, designated as the team leader, who will have the page on their phone and will click on a clue if needed.
  • This game can be played in the main room. Not enough space? It can only be played at the table. However, for a memorable and immersive experience, it is strongly recommended to hide the clues as indicated in the guide.

  • Your file has been emailed to you after your order on our website. Just click on the link at the heart of the email and the file will download itself.

    You can also download it directly from your Escape Kit account under “Downloads”.

    Can’t find it? Write us a message.

  • Of course! The kit contains accessories, but you can add costumes and objects such as a disguise, a crime scene tape, fake blood, magnifying glass…

    See ideas for accessories

Trust us ,
you will like it

✓ Satisfied or refunded