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  • You downloaded your game from your “Escape Kit” account and can’t open it? Just drag and drop your file on your desktop, and you’re done. 😉

  • You can order from any device. However, you will need to download your game(s) to a computer, as all files may not display on your phone or tablet.

  • Your file will be sent to you by email as soon as your payment is confirmed. Just click on the link in the body of the email and the file will start downloading. The file is named after the kit you’ve selected.

    You don’t find it? Check your spam inbox!

    Can’t wait? Download your Escape Kit directly from your Escape Kit account!

    Still struggling? Contact us!

  • Your Escape Room kit was sent immediately by email after your purchase. 
    How do I download it?  Click on the link in the email and the file will download directly under the name of the chosen kit.

    Can’t find it? Take a look at your junk mail.
    Psst, you can also find your Escape Kit in your customer account on (created during purchase)!

    Can’t find it? Write to us!

  • The Escape Kit can be offered as a birthday gift or even a Christmas present!

    Here is the link to the Escape Kit gift card.

    • First link: download the kit containing the game and accessories
    • Second link: access the installation guide to help you set up the game
    • Third link: access the clues and answers of the game
  • You have just downloaded your Escape Kit but you can’t manage to unzip it?

    This free software program will help you: click here!

    Using a computer to unzip the files, makes it easier!

  • In rare cases, when downloading the game, “Failed—Network Error” is displayed.

    In this case:

    1. Click on the small arrow below:     

    2. Then click on “resume”.

    In case the message displays “Unable to download…”:

    Click on the small arrow.

    Then click on “keep” All our files are secured

    You can now open the file.

    • Print the game file and the provided accessories.
    • Use the step-by-step setup guide
    • Keep the clues and answers close to you in case you need to guide struggling players.
  • You have unzipped your file but when you go to print, you receive an error message?

    Here are our tips:

    • Use a computer to print out the game
    • Try it on another computer. Just open your mailbox on another computer or send the confirmation email to a colleague/friend.
    • Open the PDF file in your browser. Go to PDF > right click > Open with > Internet Explorer/Edge/chrome…
      Then print again to print from the browser.
  • When downloading, the game file may be incomplete. 

    For this purpose:

    1. Download your game from a computer (not from a smartphone or tablet)
    2. Download it from your Escape Kit customer account in “Downloads”.
    3. This should work. If it doesn’t, contact us at:


  • All our kits include:

    • The puzzles
    • Decorative posters
    • End of game certificates
    • Invitations
    • Accessories for the final photo
    • A personalized playlist
    • You can add decorations to make the experience as immersive as you want!
  • Yes, it’s a cooperative team adventure designed for a team of 3-5 players.

    If you have more players, feel free to print a copy of the game for each team. In this case, the groups will compete to finish first. For example, for a group of 25 players, print the Escape Kit 5 times and make groups of 5. If you have more questions on how to play with an Escape Kit with big groups, check this article out.

  • Novice, intermediate or experienced? There’s something for everyone! Discover the different levels of our Escape Kit on this page!
    Very easy level: For young children between 3 and 6 years old who are experiencing an Escape Room for the first time. A parent or guardian is required to accompany them.
    Easy level: Suitable for young players who do not have a lot of Escape Room experience. A Game Master is recommended to guide them through the game session.
    Intermediate level: players who know a little about the world of Escape Rooms and like the challenge!
    Difficult level: These Escape Rooms are designed for an older audience, or for groups of players of various ages (a mix of teenagers and adults is ideal). The riddles and puzzles are more challenging.
    Expert level: Are you a fan of Escape Rooms and have been playing for a long time? This level is for you!

  • Are you on a computer?
    Look at the printing guide to help you!

    If you’ve run out of colored ink, you’re able to print all of our kits in black and white, except for “The cursed treasure”.

  • The required equipment:

    • Computer
    • A printer
    • A filled ink cartridge
    • Scissors
    • Pens
    • A cutter
    • Glue
    • Tape
    1. Divide the group into several teams of 3 to 5 people who will compete to be the big winners.
    2. Each group can play simultaneously.
    3. Print one game for each team.
    4. Put each group in a different room. Set everything up in each room. We recommend you don’t to disperse the elements in the house (kitchen, bathroom …), as this complicates the game.
    5. Before everyone splits into separate rooms, review the rules of the game, then start the countdown and put on the background music.
    6. The first team to finish the game is the winner.
    7. Create some dramatic build-up around the revelation of the victorious team, as this will be one of the highlights of the challenge for your players.

    During the game:

    • Your role will be to make sure the game flows smoothly and to provide clues.
    • For each clue, give the team a time penalty.
  • Of course! Delineate a play area and arrange the elements on the walls and on a table. You can install the game wherever you want. 🙂

    Discover our tips on how to organize an outdoor Escape Room 🙂

  • Yes, we provide you with a guide of clues and answers to help you if necessary during the game to move forward freely.
    This page can be read by:

    A facilitator who will not be playing the game and who will have the role of Game Master to help the players if needed

    A player, designated as the team leader, who will have the page on his phone and will click on a clue if needed.

    The person who will be preparing can play the game, except for the search part, because he/she will obviously know the hiding places.

  • The Escape Kit are in French, English, Spanish & German! 🙂
    You can change the language at the bottom of the site, as well as the currency.
    Escape Kit in French
    Escape Kit in Spanish
    Escape Kit in German

    Escape Kit in English

  • When we design our kits, we don’t know the layout of your homes or apartments or even gardens. All the games can be done in one single room, but also could be spread out across multiple rooms.

    Want to play with multiple groups?

    • One room per team: For multiple groups, this is the best option. Ideally, keep the rooms close to one another so that the game master can keep an eye on each group.
    • One big room: Separate the groups in one big room with chairs/table/cords. All the groups should have their own game space in order to not mix the game elements.
  • Of course! We’d love to see photos of you and your loved ones enjoying your time playing our games. In doing so, you’ll be helping us share our concept with the rest of the world. You can send us your photos to or via Instagram

  • It is possible to play virtually (via screens) by dividing the roles or by creating two teams.

    Two options are possible:
    1. Both teams print the game and compete against each other. They install the game in their respective spaces and start the timer at the same time.
    2. One team plays while the other remote team is in control of the game and manages the instructions, the correction of the riddles and their resolution.

  • There has to be a first time, right, haha? Our kits are designed to guide you through the game in a clear and concise manner. You will have at your disposal:

    • A setup guide: Explains where to start, how to cut and install the game with our tips.
    • A page of clues and answers: To help players move forward during the game (if needed).
  • Absolutely! Our kits can be played all year round: a birthday party, a night out with friends, a family weekend, at school… But we have three Escape Rooms kits perfect for Halloween!

Payments & security

  • Escape Kit has partnered with the most secure payment method on the market:

    Stripe, which is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, the most prestigious level of certification. Thanks to Stripe, you will not be redirected to another website, as is the case with other payment solutions. You can pay for your order without leaving the site, on which the SSL certificate is installed, which activates the “https” protocol and displays a padlock in the address bar. All your transactions are therefore encrypted and confidential.

  • You have a discount code? There is a dedicated field on the shopping cart page!

    Here’s how to do it:

    • Add the game(s) of your choice to your cart
    • Enter the code received in the “promo code” part of your cart
    • Validate your cart
    • Download, print, and play!
  • Are you a company or a club in need of an invoice?

    The invoice is automatically sent after your order, attached to the confirmation email!
    Do you need us to generate a new invoice? Send us a message!

  • New feature! You now have a currency switcher on the cart and checkout pages! (See at the bottom of the site).

    The price is calculated from the € price, which is €19.90 for 1 kit, and we use data from Yahoo for up-to-date conversion rates. You will not have any currency fees at checkout, the two payment methods (Stripe and PayPal) are international! 

  • Yes, no problem!
    Email us at specifying the kit(s) you want. We will then send you a quote with the bank details.
    Once we receive the proof of payment (purchase order), we will send you the kit(s)!

  • You’re able to create an account on the order page. This allows you to keep track of all your orders, invoices, special events, and promotion codes!

    To create an account or login, follow this link:

    My account

Customization & accessories

  • Of course! Each kit contains accessories dedicated to each theme with posters, invitations, music, countdown…
    However, for more immersion, dare to dress up or add real props like a cape and mask for the superhero game, fake blood for The mysterious murder investigation or red jumpsuits for the Money heist robbers!
    Two words in order: HAVE FUN! 😉

  • Each kit has a background playlist. This can be found on the set-up page of each kit, usually at the bottom of the page 🙂

    Find our playlists and teasers on our YouTube channel.

  • Totally, it’s an original gift! The Escape Kit can be given as a birthday gift or even a Christmas gift!

    Four solutions:

    1. You will receive an email confirming your purchase with the link to download the game. The price will not be indicated, so you can forward this email to the lucky recipient, who will just have to click on the link!
    2. Click on the link received by email and download the game. Put it on a USB key to give as a gift!
    3. You can download, print and prepare the game, a nice gift ready to play!
    4. Opt for a gift card to let the lucky recipient choose! Have the card sent to you for printing and handing over, or give the recipient’s email address so that they can receive the gift card directly by email!
  • Of course, they are! In each kit you will find many accessories:

    • Invitations
    • Decorative posters
    • Fun accessories
    • Closing diploma
    • Dedicated playlist
    • Countdown
    • Photo-booth elements

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