Escape Room, the perfect gift!

At Christmas, you want to please your loved ones, but sometimes finding an original gift to put under the tree is not an easy task. Escape Kit provides you with Escape Rooms kit to play at home: the ideal gift to put under the tree. A different and fun present!

Why you should offer an Escape Room kit for Christmas:

  • Original gift
  • Fun & unique experience
  • Ideal for a small budget
  • More than 10 scenarios
  • Immediate reception

The best part? Perfect for a last minute gift!

With Escape Kit, you can get an original Escape Room game to make at home, based on various themes. A crime scenea magic school, a treasure hunt… There is something for all tastes and ages!

sapin noel cadeau derniere minute

Your Escape Room for Christmas, spend a unique moment with your family!

Christmas is the night to succeed at all costs.

Above all, we are counting on a memorable homemade meal! Appetizers, a tasty and garnished dish, and of course, the iced log…

But have you thought of an animation for the whole family, which would warm up the atmosphere before eating? Or to digest a little before starting dessert?

Escape Kit offers you a fun escape Christmas game: a Christmas escape room! Clues and puzzles to solve through logical reasoning for young and old, this is the perfect opportunity to make a friendly game to play as a team. Escape Kit is a fun reflection activity to brighten up your end-of-year evenings.

Offrir cadeau escape game

How to offer an Escape Kit ?

To offer an Escape Kit as a present, you have a couple of options.

  1. Escape Kit invites you to offer its kits as a gift card!

    You can choose the card that you would like to give as a gift, its amount, and the date it will be sent. Once the gift card is in your inbox, the lucky recipient will have one year to order the game of his or her choice, print it, and prepare it whenever he or she wishes (for a birthday party, for example).

    Idea: you can also send it to yourself, to print it and offer it as a printed gift.

  2. You can offer your Escape Room by printing it, which will give the gift the material side that kids love. You can then package it as a classic gift, and place it under your Christmas tree.

    Idea: You can laminate the puzzles so that they do not get damaged when the package is opened.

  3. Another possibility, to obtain a “palpable” gift: offer a USB key containing the chosen Escape Kit scenario! You can then wrap the USB key and place it under the tree, next to the other gifts.

    Idea: You can accompany the USB key with a small card with instructions such as: “Your gift is on the USB key!

Escape Kit, a cheap Escape Room gift

Christmas is the ideal time to spend a friendly time with the family… Everyone is looking for the happiness of being together. Choose our Escape Room games playable in group, to strengthen family and intergenerational bonds.

Do you dream of giving an Escape Room for Christmas to your beloved ones? Unfortunately, you don’t know how many players to book for, or which room to choose…

Besides, let’s face it, it’s not cheap. A classic Escape Room is 100 dollars for 4 people and often forbidden to children!

Why pick Escape Kit?

  • For children, teens & adults
    There are more than 10 game scenarios for children (from 3 years old), teenagers and adults. A wide choice to please everyone!
  • Small price for a small budget
    Escape Rooms at $20 only: reusable at any time by downloading your file (download link expires 2 years after purchase) and with an unlimited number of players.
  • Turnkey game kits
    These are complete game kits containing: setup guide, puzzle sheets, accessories, background music and countdown, tips and DIY decorating ideas.
  • Can be played where and when you want
    Around the Christmas tree, in your living room or even in your chalet in the mountains between a cheese fondue and a ski vacation… Improvise an Escape Room party whenever, wherever and with as many players as you want.

Birthday party, family reunion, evening with friends, rainy weekend… Have a memorable time!

  • Immediate reception
    This is a dematerialized gift that you will immediately receive by email. Ideal for a last minute gift!
  • No reservation required
    Unlike physical Escape Rooms where getting everyone together can sometimes be a challenge, Escape Rooms kit are played when you decide!

Discover the advantages of offering 
an escape room at home!