Escape Rooms for Every Budget


Escape Rooms for every budget

Escape Rooms are becoming a more and more popular way to spend weekends with friends and seminars with colleagues. They usually consist of escaping from a closed room by solving riddles.

Everyone needs to put their heads together to solve the puzzles. Escape Rooms have even brought something new to outdoor enthusiasts. In order to keep bringing audiences back, Escape Rooms need to think of more and more innovative puzzles. Once a group has solved a particular Escape Room, there’s little interest to come back and solve it again. In order to keep participants coming back, Escape Rooms are now available at much better prices.

But how much does an Escape Room cost?

People Love Escape Rooms

People love Escape Rooms because, above all, they’re promised a new experience every time. A bowling alley, just like a go-kart track or a paintball room, will remain essentially the same every time. Escape Rooms, with limitless possibilities for themes and stories, will surprise and delight participants. They’re also an activity adored by managers looking for fun team-building activities. 

The totally immersive experience makes it possible for colleagues or friends to totally relax, laugh, and create lasting memories.

New Escape Rooms at unbeatable costs (Starting at just $20)

Escape Rooms are now available in a printable format that you can do in the comfort of your own home! They’re perfect for Escape Room fans who are tired of paying high prices for a single game, those who live far from big cities, and people who want to transform their entire home into an Escape Room.

The facilitator just needs to download, print, and set up the game. We give you everything you need to create a totally immersive experience comparable to what you’d experience in brick & mortar Escape Rooms, at a small cost!

The main advantage is obviously the price. Our at-home Escape Room Kits are 75% cheaper than a classic brick & mortar Escape Room. 

If the kit is reused, the cost per use is even lower, since this kit is reusable, of course. You can facilitate the game for various groups of friends, other members of your family, children/teenagers (as part of a birthday party for example).

Since 2015, Escape Rooms have delighted the entertainment market. Creators are constantly looking for ways to reinvent the games to meet public demand. An audience that, rightly, does not want to pay 20$ per person for a single one-hour game. Our Escape Room Kits are reusable, easy to set up and at a low cost! 

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