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Escape Rooms are increasingly used on weekends with friends and seminars with colleagues. These Escape Rooms usually consist of escaping from a closed room by solving riddles.

Collaboration between team members is essential to put all brains at the service of the collective. The Escape Rooms have brought something new to outdoor enthusiasts. But the Escape Rooms must constantly reinvent themselves to propose riddles that do not repeat themselves and bring back participants. Once the Escape Room is resolved, the interest of a new visit is minimal, hence the public growing appeal, but new types of Escape Rooms are now available at much more attractive prices.

Escape Room, an activity that people love

If Escape Rooms are attractive, it is above all because they bring a new experience every time. A bowling alley will remain essentially the same each time, just like a go-kart round or a paintball room. The Escape Rooms, with a different theme and story, will surprise the participants. It is also an activity promoted by managers for a simple reason: teamwork is mandatory. The links are forged and must be carried out calmly, in a playful setting, which binds the teams together.

Entertainment is provided by a total immersion with innovative and original settings. With colleagues or friends, it is therefore a moment of relaxation that will create good memories for everyone.

The new Escape Rooms at unbeatable prices (from $22)

The Escape Rooms also become a printable kit game! Enough to satisfy Escape Room fans who get tired of paying the high price for a single game. It is also a way for developers to capture a new target, that of players who live far from big cities and who want to transform their home into an Escape Game.

The Internet user downloads the kit, prints it and takes on the role of facilitator. All the instructions are given to live an experience as close as possible to the Escape Rooms made in specialized rooms. The role of facilitator is also a new approach to the room for people who want to rub their hands as they watch participants brainstorm.

The main advantage is obviously the price. With Escape Kit from $22, the offer is more than appealing. It turns out to be more than 75% lower than a classic Escape Room. The calculation is quick: instead of a unique adventure outdoors, you can enjoy 3 to 6 rooms to play at home. Enough to feed your evenings for a few weekends! The installation takes only a few minutes.

If the kit is reused, the price per use is even lower, since this kit is of course not disposable. You can therefore take on the role of facilitator with other groups of friends, other members of your family, children/teenagers (as part of a birthday party for example)... It can be reused until you have all the information you need!

The Escape Rooms still have a bright future ahead of them. They have been really breaking into the world market since 2015 but are already beginning to reinvent themselves to meet public demand. An audience that, rightly, does not want to pay 20$ per person for a single one-hour game. Our Escape Kit are reusable, easy to set up and their purchase in the form of boxes allows you to benefit from significant discounts. 2 kits cost only $29, or $14.50 per Escape Room !

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