Organize an Escape Game for your child's birthday !

For when you want to guarantee that your child has a memorable birthday party that will involve all your guests and have them laughing!

House Escape Room

Escape Rooms are the perfect birthday party activity!

Are you looking for an activity to entertain your kids or teenagers for their birthday party with friends? You need an Escape Kit!

We’ve designed the first At-Home Escape Rooms for children and teenagers.


How does it work ?

Simply choose one or more Escape Room kits below, print it all out and start the game. These are complete Escape Game kits to set up in any room of your house or party space.

In addition to the game, the kit includes invitations and certificates for the final selfies.

We explain the set up in simple instructions and provide clues for if the players get stuck. It’s a super easy way to ensure a party your children and their friends will never forget!

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And what if there are more than 5 players ?

No problem at all! Just print one copy of the game for each small team of four to six players. You just pay once for access to the game and then print and reuse it as many times as you’d like!

Here’s how to organize the game for several groups:

  1. Divide the large group into several teams of four to six children who will compete to finish the game first. 
  2. Each group plays the game simultaneously.
  3. Start by giving each group the first puzzle to solve and ask them to give you their answers. Once they solve the puzzle, give them the next challenge. By doing so, you will ensure that the game runs smoothly and prevent confusion.
  4. Create an atmosphere of anticipation around the revelation of the winning team. This will be one of the highlights of the game!

We've received rave reviews!

We have been designing Escape Rooms for several years and launched the new Escape Room concept in 2017 and have received lots of positive feedback!

You can’t go wrong with an Escape kit for your child’s birthday! It is also the perfect activity to do on vacation.


Our printable Escape Kits are available for ages 6 and up! 

Our Escape Games are affordable! Transform your home or backyard into a real escape room for kids !