Treasure Hunt - children and adults

Escape Kit offers fun treasure hunts for children and adults. With the help of riddles and clues, participants are challenged to find precious objects…

Escape pour enfants à faire à la maison
Escape Game enfants en équipe

The resurgence of the treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is an opportunity for everyone to have fun. Whether you are 7 or 77 years old, with friends, colleagues or family, as there is something for everyone.

The mission of the young treasure hunter will be to discover precious treasure chests, mysteriously hidden, while the researcher will love to solve life-size investigations and the mathematician will be dumbfounded when discovering the unimaginable puzzle pieces… And some treasure hunts compile all these ingredients for an even more surprising recipe !

So while classic treasure hunts are dying out, it turns out that they are now re-emerging as a novel concept thanks to the growing success of Escape Rooms.


Treasure hunts : have fun in a team

The treasure hunt is a very playful game and its initial audience is young. Gathering children around a team quest, a shared treasure, is the ideal game. It is the event of birthday afternoons that instill in children values of mutual help and cooperation.

While the treasure hunt used to appeal to children, the treasure hunt for adults is now just as popular. After all, instilling collaboration and sharing values is not just for children. Indeed, adults are big kids who also enjoy having fun.

escape room en casa para niños
Harry Potter Costume - birthday party

New treasure hunts for children and adults...

Treasure hunts, whether for children or adults, evolve according to the audience’s expectations. The final treasure, to be discovered according to clues that are sometimes far-fetched, exorbitant or even absurd, now means much more than a chest hidden outside.

Spending time together around a game with everyone’s attention focused, without screens, is becoming a favorite pastime for families and groups of friends. Treasure hunts are becoming more elaborate and satisfy the public’s desire for adrenaline and novelty. Everything is entertaining in a treasure hunt. That’s why it brings children and adults together on a common quest. A creative way to connect generations and create bonds.

At-home Escape Room : Treasure hunts 2.0

Many games have been dematerialized with the emergence of the Internet. The same goes for Escape Rooms, which have exploited the path opened by treasure hunts. Escape Kit offers original content for download. Aimed at both children and adults, its degrees of difficulty vary to suit. Some will not be afraid to take on a difficult challenge, others will prefer to choose a relatively easier challenge to ensure their victory.

By printing simple, pre-prepared Escape Kits designed to ensure maximum fun, you can take part in an adventure like no other. The kits that “” offers you are perfect to get you started in these new treasure hunts for adults and children. The setup is quick and allows a motivated team to dive into an incredible adventure, for only 20 euros !

These kits allow you to live a real Escape Room experience, while staying at home and without handing over a bundle for it. So don’t hesitate and try the different versions, for an original treasure hunt for children and/or adults !