Escape Kit for adults

A birthday, a family party, an evening with friends, an EVJF or even a wedding… all occasions are good to transform your living space into a real Escape Game!

The adventures of our players

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Escape Kit's advice

for a successful teen/adult escape game party

An Escape Room is coming up !

Organizing an Escape Room Party requires essential preparation time. After downloading and printing the game comes a fun phase of cutting and building objects... Patience and rigour will be required !

Create an atmosphere !

Once the Escape Room is installed and the clues hidden, it's up to you to create a special atmosphere in line with the game's theme ! Music, decorative objects, costumes... Let your creativity speak for maximum immersion in the game world...

Invite as many friends as you like !

One of the great advantages of Escape Room at home is that it allows as many players as you want to play ! Evenings in small groups or large family events ? Anything is possible! The game adapts to the number of players...

Let's go for an hour of immersive play !

That's it ! The game is installed, the music is ready to start and the players can't wait to get started ? Then all that's left to do is start the timer and keep the clues available to help players if they need help...

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Escape Rooms in kit, perfect for adults

Escape rooms are now well established in France. They can be found just about everywhere and their development continues to grow. The attraction of the French for this life-size game is partly due to a thirst for novelty. But while some have already made the rounds of classic Escape Rooms, others are worried about not being able to participate in large groups, or simply for a light budget.

Escape Kit offers puzzle games with similar levels of difficulty to indoor Escape Rooms. As an escape or investigation game, the scenarios remain engaging and can become very immersive with set installations.

Finally, Escape Kit can also be played as a family and have several levels that can fully target a group of children as being multi-generational.

Ideas for organizing Escape Room for adults ?

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Escape Room at home

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Escape Room for your company


Escape Room for your company Escape Kit offers special deals dedicated to professionals Escape Room Kit customised You want to create an Escape Kit to launch a product, a service,…? We can create a kit whose enigmas, graphics are linked to your brand and your project. We can grant you an unlimited right to use […]

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Escape Game to develop team spirit

Escape Rooms are games that are not played in competition, but in collaboration with members of the same team. They are games that develop team spirit and strengthen the bonds between team members. Whatever the context of the game (a team-building event, a birthday, an EVJF, etc.), the Escape Room will be a sure source of understanding and shared memories. 

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Escape rooms in kit for the whole family

To make the link between Escape Room, adults and children, we have developed real Escape Rooms in kit. Kits that arouse curiosity and attract more and more parents who are curious to introduce their children to a different activity.

The levels are clearly defined and allow groups of children alone or accompanied by adults to have fun with a reusable kit. Installation takes only a few minutes and all the fun is done at home in the living room.

It’s the perfect game to liven up a birthday afternoon. With puzzles prepared for the children, they will be excited to get closer to the story’s outcome. The price of a kit is also very affordable unlike a classic Escape Room. We offer many kits for children, for adults, and for both…

All the reasons are good to finally share moments of complicity thanks to a playful Escape Kit.

An Escape Room at home and without constraints

Do you love puzzle games and want to make an Escape Room for a special occasion, such as a birthday or an EVJF ? But Escape Rooms don’t allow large groups, children or alcohol… and then the cost is high! 

With Escape Kit, Escape Room comes to you, at home, in your garden, or elsewhere! A few moments of preparation, between two baking of petits fours and it’s done! All that’s left to do is to serve a few glasses of alcohol… which is forbidden in the Escape Room!  And it’s off for an hour of hectic gameplay in search of puzzles and clues to unlock the riddles!

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