An Authentic Experience: The Escape Room at Home!

In a few simple steps, transform your home or playground into a thrilling Escape Room with our life-size and fun puzzles. Organize birthday parties or great evenings with friends with our downloadable & ready to use Escape Room kit. It will transform your family and friends moments into original and memorable experiences.
Print, set up, go!

★★★★★ Escape Kit rated 9.3/10 by over, 5400 players

House Escape Room

How does it work?

Download and print

the adventure of your choice

Transform your space

set the mood!

You're ready…

for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure!

Our players' adventures


A whole Escape Room and so much more

You will receive in your package everything you need to organize an at-home Escape Room (decoration, guides, puzzles, diploma, awards…) and much more: invitations to share, personalized photo booth and many other surprises. (We have also thought about the soundtrack!)

Let's go for an adventure!

Where you want, when you want

Birthday party, special event, rainy Sunday, Halloween party… Any occasion is good to transform your house, your garden, or your igloo into an Escape Room.

With whoever you want

Whether you're a couple, a group of 4 or 40, in a classroom or even at work, our kits have no limit on the number of players. This is the opportunity to invite your neighbors!

For only US $20

For $20, our kits offer you a great escape with fun puzzles for only 25% of the price of a traditional Escape Room. So why deprive yourself?

They love us!

(and we love them back) 🥰

Awesome! I'm going to recommend these to my students and their parents to keep everyone busy! The kits are really well done! The next one we'll try as a class is The Sleeping Curse! Thank you!
Allison D.
35 years old
Really great for children and an easy set up for me! I loved that the game forced my kids to problem solve and use their brains!
Samantha P.
45 years old - 2 kids
The kids loved it and so did we! The graphics and the story were very well done. I highly recommend it and we will do it again!!!
Nicole D.
55 years old - 2 kids
Perfect game for a birthday. My oldest child loved it and so did his friends. 🙂
John V.
52 years old - 3 kids
We've tried out two Escape Kits so far. My daughter played The Sleeping Curse during a sleepover. This afternoon, as a family, we played Diamond Quest. These kits are very well thought out and easy to use. 100% recommend!
Hailey B.
47 years old - 1 child

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