Finally, enjoy an Escape Room at home !

Transform your home or appartement into an unforgettable adventure. Original thematic scenarios, clever and stimulating puzzles, our Escape Kit are made for one or more children or for the whole family.

Print, install and it’s up to you !


House Escape Room
Petit Prince

How does it work ?

Download and print

the adventure of your choice

Transform your space

into a playground

Let's go...

for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure!

The adventures of our players


Play when and where you want

Birthday, Bachelorette party, rainy Sunday... all occasions are good to transform your house, garden or igloo into an escape game.

No limit
of player

As a couple, with friends, in class or even in company, play as many players as you want.

An escape game for only 20€

Get a complete Escape Game for less than 20€, which is 75% cheaper than a classic Escape Game.

Accessories with every game

Photobooth, diplomas, invitations, and many other surprises to immerse you in the universe of your choice.

They love us!

(and so do we) 🥰

Awesome! I'm going to recommend to my students and their parents to keep everyone busy! The kits are really well done! The next one will be the Sleeping Curse! Thank you! Thank you!
Allison D.
35 years old
We tested an Escape Kit. Really great for children, it is very well explained easy to prepare and the children loved this adventure, and the site is very well done, I recommend.
Samatnha P.
45 years old - 2 kids
We were able to test an escape room kit for kids and it was great !!! The kids loved it, we loved it too. The graphics and the story were very nice !!! I highly recommend it and we will do it again !!!
Nicole D.
55 years old - 2 kids
Perfect game for a birthday. My oldest child loved it and so did his friends. We are ready for a new adventure 🙂
John V.
52 years old - 3 kids
We have done 2 Escape Kits. The Sleeping Curse was done during a sleepover. And this afternoon, as a family, we went on a Diamond Quest. These kits are very well thought out and easy to use and apply. I recommend 100%
Hailey B.
47 years old - 1 child