5 steps to a successful outdoor Escape Room !

The sun is shining, the weather is getting nicer… The wish to have fun outside with family and friends is growing… And we understand that ! 😉 

Do you know treasure hunts, puzzles, riddles ? We love them and that’s why we propose you to organize an outdoor Escape Room. A creative and fun activity for young and old. 

Here are our 5 advices to organize your outdoor Escape Room

1. Choose your Escape Room to print

As with all Escape Rooms, it is important to choose the setting that best suits the players. We offer a variety of fun and entertaining game universes to transform a park, a garden or a forest into an unforgettable adventure. 

Dive into the magical world of Harry Potter, the Superheroes, the Little Prince or the Heist of the Century inspired by the series “Money Heist“.

Take a look at our ready-to-use kits : Escape Kit.

If you wish, you can also create your own Escape Room outdoors. We invite you to take a look at our little advices here : How to create an Escape Room

We will give you some tips to create it, whether it is Easter, Halloween, Christmas…. any occasion is a good time to have fun !

You can also ask your guests, they will be able to suggest great ideas for your Escape Room : detective, horror, magic… Be creative !

2. Print your Escape Room

organiser escape game extérieur enfants à imprimer

Now that you have chosen your kit, let’s get down to business !

Have you downloaded your kit ? Then let’s get started ! 

Before printing your Escape Room, you need to know the number of players. All our games can be played with 5, 6, 10, 10, 20 or even 100 people. 

Just make groups of 3 to 6 players and print one game per group. We advise you to follow our tips to make your game session more dynamic and immersive.

Follow the instructions in the printing guide to print your kit. Don’t forget to print the documents labeled “single-sided” and “double-sided”. It is important to assemble your Escape Room correctly.

3. Setting up the game

It’s a beautiful day outdoors… it’s the perfect opportunity to create an Escape Room in a garden, a park or even in a forest. Your kids and even the grown-ups will love the idea ! 

Are you ready for the mission ?

Read your setup guide to prepare the game and set up the puzzles by following the steps. Be creative with the locations and hiding places. 

We share with you some tips :

  • Tree = for the kitchen 
  • Chair = for the bedroom 
  • Tablecloth = for the bathroom 
  • Slide = for a hideaway 
  • Bench = for a hiding place
  • Book = for a hiding place
organiser escape game extérieur enfants à imprimer

Everything is possible. Remember to delimit the play areas to facilitate the search. Use garlands, flags, balloons… to mark the game zone. 

Depending on the universe of the game, you can name zones such as “forbidden, polluted, secret…”. These are very important for the development of the activity.

Remember to bring paperweights, tape, paper clips, transparent folders… anything you can use to keep your items safe from the wind.

This will save you from having to run after sheets. 

4. The accessories 

organiser escape game extérieur enfants à imprimer

Children love outdoor activities. It’s the perfect time to have fun and stimulate their imagination through games and get some fresh air. As for the adults, why not take advantage of the aperitif in the sun to organize your game ? Your guests will appreciate the little animation between two drinks.

Create the perfect atmosphere to captivate your players. All Escape Room kits contain optional accessories for a better immersion in the game – there are various posters, costumes, certificates and invitations ready to be sent ! 

Playing outside gives you endless possibilities to create a great scenario. 

You can also use your imagination and create your own play universe. Do it with your children. Use different materials such as wood, paper, fabric, paint…. 

To immerse the players even more, also use objects you have at home : ketchup for fake blood, a wizard costume for Harry Potter’s world, candles for a summer night… Have fun ! 

Get inspired on Pinterest, it’s a gold mine ! 

Don’t forget to download the playlist and countdown timer to make the game more immersive, you’ll find them in the setup guide.

5. The organization

When organizing an Escape Room, think about the Game Master. He/she contributes to the good atmosphere and accompanies the players throughout the game. If you play with several players, we advise you to make groups of 3 to 6 players and to think about differentiating the enigmas of the groups. 

You can, for example, make a colored mark on the top of the sheets

Example : Team 1 = blue mark on the puzzles, Team 2 = red mark. 

The winner is the first group to finish the game. You can end the activity with a great snack with sweets, small pastries…. Make them enjoy !


Save time with one of our Escape Room kits !

30 minutes of setup, 1h of play, satisfied or reimbursed

       You are now ready to organize your outdoor Escape Room ! Our ready-to-use Escape Room kits are perfectly suited to the space of your choice. 

The concept ? Print, set up and it’s time to play ! 

We hope our advices will help you to create the best Escape Room for kids and adults and make this event unforgettable. 

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I am fascinated by cycling, photography and always curious to discover new horizons. My favorite Escape Room is «Heist of the Century» because I am a fan of the Netflix series «Money Heist».

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