Heist of the Century

  • Age game : 16+ years old
  • Level game : 5/5
  • Duration game : 1h
  • Number of gamers : 2-5 players per group

:trois_heures: 20 min of preparation An Escape Room for families & adults, inspired by the “Money Heist” series that transforms your house into a real robbery scene!

Escape Game braquage

Your mission

You have been selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history. Your objective: Rob the central bank of New York, retrieve the contents of the 777 vault… and leave the premises discreetly. The alarm is deactivated for one hour. An hour to become rich and famous… Will you be able to get out in time ?

The adventures of our robbers

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How does it work ?

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for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure !

What does the Escape Kit “Heist of the Century” contain?

Braquage du siècle jeu
  • Gear sheet to open the vault
  • 2Created with Sketch. Mission of the game
  • 3Created with Sketch. Security cameras
  • 4Created with Sketch. Masks to print
  • 5Created with Sketch. Bank map
  • 6Created with Sketch. Vault contain

Perfect for large groups

Birthdays, classrooms, parties with friends...

Escape Rooms are the best team-building activities available. They require constant communication and challenge players to a healthy confrontation.

The Heist of the Century kit inspired by Netflix “Money Heist” series takes another step forward by creating a competitive environment, with players competing simultaneously to be the winning team.

Simply print out a copy of the game for 3 to 6 players.

Here are some tips for playing with larger groups :

Divide the large group into teams of two to five children who will try to be the first to finish the game.

Put one group per room (bathroom, kitchen...).
If your place allows it, put the groups in different places but be careful that the groups don't mix up the puzzles.

Read the story to all the teams and start the clock.
It's up to the groups to come to you if they need a clue. For every clue that is revealed, you can give a token (ex: two extra minutes on the time, do push-ups...).

Create an atmosphere of expectation around the revelation of the winning team as this will be one of the highlights of the challenge.

They loved it

Great game inspired by Money Heist series! We played the Heist of the Century kit! Very intuitive, I recommend this game for about 5/6 people maximum! Best played in a house to use the different rooms, but it works very well on the table! 💯💯
Michael Q.
40 years old - 5 adults
I tested the Robbery of the Century and I loved it! A very nice concept to do between friends. Everything has been thought to live the experience to the end (stopwatch, clues, playlist). I recommend it 😉
Laura K.
35 years old - 2 teens & 4 adults
We recently had the opportunity to test an Escape Room created by Escape Kit with our friends. So we chose the Heist of the Century : here we're selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history. The objective was to rob the New York Central Bank, recover the contents of the 777 vault and of course leave the premises discreetly. Everybody loved the experience !!
Lisa C.
29 years old - 5 adults
The puzzles are successful and complex, the guests have racked their brains. On the organizer's side, we appreciated the quality of the proposed content and the ease of installation. We will soon reuse "The Heist of the Century" and test the 2 other escape kits soon. I recommend +++
Miranda L.
25 years old - 5 teens
Great experience with the Heist of the Century, organized for the New Year's Eve party! Everyone loved it!
Milan R.
42 years old - 10 teens & 12 adults

Ready to play instantly

The game is ready to be printed and you can play it now

Satisfied or 100% refunded

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Ideal for any type of event

Birthday parties, classrooms, evenings with friends or rainy afternoons...

Accessories with every set

Photobooth, diplomas, invitations, and many other surprises to immerse you in the world of the game

Do you have a question ?


The Escape Room “Heist of the Century” is the most difficult Escape Kit in our collection. It is an ideal Escape Room for teenagers and adults.

Yes, it’s a cooperative team adventure designed for teams of 2-5 players. If you have more players, feel free to print a copy of the game for each team. In this case, the groups will compete to finish first. For example, for a group of 25 people, print the Escape Kit 5 times and make groups of 5.

Not necessarily! We provide you a page with all the clues and answers to guide you and help you during the game.

This page can be read by :

A facilitator who won’t play the game and who will have the role to make the players move forward when they need it.
A player, usually the team leader, who will have the page on his phone and click on the clue he wants when the team is stuck.

The game is designed to be played without the Internet.

You will only need the Internet for clues and setup.

It’s nice and warm and you don’t necessarily want to play inside?

Don’t worry! You can set up the game outside as you like. Just watch out for the wind 🙂

Personalization and accessories

Of course! You can add padlocks and locks for the codes.

For decoration, you can add disguises and accessories!

Everything will be explained in your installation guide…

Heist of the Century

  • Age game : 16+ years old
  • Level game : 5/5
  • Duration game : 1h
  • Number of gamers : 2-5 players per group