Easter coloring: 10 drawings to celebrate the holiday

Best Easter coloring pages to print: Easter bunny, Easter egg…

Easter 2024 is fast approaching, and we’ve put together some fun and creative activities to celebrate with Easter coloring! Psst, but before we get started, do you know when is Easter? This year, Easter 2024 will be celebrated on Sunday, March 31.

Do you know the history of this holiday? We’ll tell you in a few words! It’s a traditional celebration associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, symbolizing renewal and fertility. For many, it’s an opportunity to get together as a family, share festive meals and take part in joyful activities. Among these activities, coloring Easter pages stands out as a creative and relaxing way to celebrate this annual event.

Coloring is much more than just an activity for children; it offers an opportunity for relaxation and creativity for people of all ages. Whether it’s to express your imagination, reduce stress or simply have fun, Easter coloring offers a fun way to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of this time of year! Pssst, check out our top Easter activities to do with your kids 😉


Immerse yourself in the magic of Easter with our exclusive selection of coloring pages, and give free rein to your creativity to fully experience the spirit of this joyful and colorful holiday.

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I. Easter egg coloring page

Easter eggs, symbols of rebirth and fertility, were already used as decorations in medieval times. Gradually, the tradition of coloring eggs for Easter spread, symbolizing the joy and renewal of the spring season. Today, coloring Easter eggs is an activity enjoyed by many families, perpetuating this age-old tradition.

Download and print your Easter egg coloring page now!


II. Easter bunny coloring page

The Easter Bunny is another emblematic character associated with this holiday. A symbol of fertility and renewal, the bunny is often depicted in Easter coloring pages, bringing a touch of charm and innocence to this tradition. Children love coloring these adorable bunnies, living symbols of the joyful spirit of Easter.

Download your own Easter bunny and invite your children to color it to their heart’s content!


III. Easter chicks coloring pages

These adorable chicks playing among spring flowers capture the essence of Easter joy and renewal. The lively expressions of the chicks make this design the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Invite your little ones to let their imaginations run wild as they color these little friends. Download the Easter coloring page and print it out for a fun activity!


IV. Easter bells

These Easter bells decorated with ribbons herald the arrival of the spring festival. Symbols of joy and hope, Easter bells are the perfect coloring for celebrating the arrival of this holiday. Children can express their joy and enthusiasm by coloring these bells in bright hues and festive patterns.

Download the Easter bells and print them out for a coloring session!


V. Easter bunny coloring page carrying a basket of eggs

This charming Easter Bunny, carrying a basket full of colorful eggs, brings a touch of magic to your Easter coloring. With his mischievous grin and big ears, this bunny invites you to immerse yourself in the festive spirit of the season. Let your creativity flow by choosing vibrant colors to bring this springtime painting to life.

Download it and print it out to fill it with color with your little wolves!


VI. Egg hunt in the garden

This lively garden egg hunt scene captures the excitement and adventure of Easter. Joyful children searching for eggs hidden among the flowers and bushes provide an ideal canvas for your coloring. Let yourself be transported into this fantasy world, using bright colors to illuminate every detail of this joyful scene. Pssst, are you looking how to do Easter egg hunt? Check out our infographic for an unforgettable celebration!

Download and print it before Easter arrives!


VII. Chick emerging from an egg

This tender chick emerging from an egg symbolizes the rebirth and renewal of the Easter season. With its little tilted head and curious eyes, this chick eagerly awaits coloring in bright hues. Add a touch of magic to this special moment by using bright colors to bring this springtime painting to life.

Download and print it to organize an activity at home!


VIII. Spring landscape with flowers and butterflies

This beautiful spring landscape is bursting with colorful flowers and twirling butterflies, evoking the wonder of the Easter season. The details provide the perfect canvas for your creativity. Be inspired by the beauty of nature by coloring this landscape with vibrant colors and imaginative touches.

Download it and print it out to make it really colorful!


IX. Bird’s nest with eggs

This cozy bird’s nest, filled with endearing eggs, is a symbol of the life and fertility of the Easter season. Eggs of different sizes offer a creative opportunity for coloring. Express your joy and wonder by using bright colors and decorative patterns to bring this spring nest to life.

Download and print it to celebrate the arrival of Spring!


X. Easter scene with a reunited family

This warm Easter scene, with a family gathered around a festive table, captures the spirit of sharing and conviviality of this holiday. The radiant smiles and festive decorations provide the perfect canvas for your coloring. Let the love and joy of this scene inspire you, using bright colors and warm hues to illuminate every detail of this heartwarming image.

Download our printable Easter coloring page now!


By coloring these Easter-inspired designs, you’ve not only celebrated the tradition and deeper meaning of this holiday, but you’ve also created precious memories with your family. Whether your Easter coloring is filled with joy, creativity and shared moments, we hope this colorful experience has allowed you to immerse yourself in the magic of this spring season. Continue to explore the art of coloring to celebrate other special occasions and enrich your daily life with moments of relaxation and creativity. Happy Easter to you and your family! If you’re looking for a fun and original way to organize your own egg hunt, take a look at our Escape Rooms to do at home! 😉