How to make a treasure hunt?

4 steps to create and organize a treasure hunt!

In the living room, outdoors, at school or even at a birthday party, in a park or garden, treasure hunts come in many forms and for any occasion.

Psst, it’s the kids’ favorite activity! They love this type of animation, as it can turn any space into a great experience – scavenger hunts allow kids of all ages to learn while having fun! Preparing a treasure hunt requires a lot of organization.
In fact, you have to do a little research beforehand and take care of the day’s preparations. What if you opt for a printable treasure hunt? Ideal for saving time with ready-made riddles and puzzles!

Saves time and energy for parents organizing the activity 😉

I. What is a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger hunts are a must-have and a timeless activity that kids can’t get enough of. But did you know that there are ready-to-play printable kits? Indeed, this fun and simple activity exists in printable format!

Often in PDF format, you will find everything on the Internet: free riddles, treasure hunts to color, clues to solve mysteries (hehe, it can help you find ideas)… These options are easily accessible, but not always very complete.

Do you know Escape Kit? It is an innovative concept that mixes treasure hunt and board games. These are complete kits that you just have to print, install and play!

A cheap activity, with reusable and ready-to-use kits for only 24.90 euros, containing everything you need to have a great time with as many players as you want!

Escape rooms are like a treasure hunt: there are clues that can be hidden throughout the play area.

In your kit, you will find printable puzzles, a setup and printing guide, but also accessories and background music with a countdown to fully immerse yourself in the universe of your choice. 

All you have to do is print it out and assemble it all, without forgetting the essential: the treasure!

Discover our free countdown to liven up your treasure hunt.

A 60-minute countdown!

Although the success of a life-size Escape Room lies mainly in the fact of having solved the mystery within the time limit, and if you add some goodies or a nice gift at the end it’s a prize that everyone will appreciate… And, above all, let’s not forget that the real treasure of this activity is the possibility of having a good time with friends or family!

Want to organize your own treasure hunt? You’ve come to the right place.

All you have to do is find the theme you want to make (or imagine it for the more inventive ones), download it, print it and the scavenger hunt can begin!
Whether it’s for a birthday, Easter, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a wedding or an important announcement, any occasion is a good time to organize a scavenger hunt!

To organize the perfect scavenger hunt (or your children’s) you will need to follow a few simple steps.

Discover the 4 steps to organize a fun scavenger hunt!

II. Create your own scavenger hunt:

1. Find a theme for your printable scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts usually have a specific theme: princes and princesses, pirates, magic, superheroes, a crazy world… The options are endless!

Need some inspiration? Check out our life-size Escape Room themes and let our games guide you! Live Cluedo, Arsène Lupin or even scary, there is something for all tastes and occasions.

Comment créer une chasse au trésor - Escape Kit

The theme is the key to the treasure hunt and also defines the final treasure.

Choose the one that inspires you the most to create your own animation around it. 🙂

Want to create your own treasure hunt? You’ll have to spend time, but above all, be creative!

For the treasure hunt to be successful, you’ll have to invent clues to help participants find the places where the riddles and other puzzles are hidden.

2. Choosing the riddles

When it comes to riddles, there is no choice but to choose. Anagrams (mixing up the letters of a word for people to guess), Morse code or an alphabet you’ve created from scratch, photos, puzzles, riddles… So many good ideas that you can combine, modify and adapt to your theme as you see fit!

Here are some examples that will surely inspire you to create your own riddles and puzzles.

Examples of anagrams:


There are as many English words available as there are possible subjects for your anagrams, so let your imagination run wild!

Examples of riddles:

Riddle: What do you get when you mix lemons with gunpowder?
Answer: Lemonade.

Riddle: What color can you eat?
Answer: Orange

Riddle: What have many words, but cannot speak?
Answer: A book

Riddle: What have many keys, but cannot open a door?
Answer: A toolbox

Riddle: What goes up and down, but never moves?
Answer: A ladder

Riddle: What have feet, but can’t walk?
Answer: A table

Examples of coded messages:

If creating a new alphabet seems too tedious for you (and we understand!), you can simply reverse the letters of the alphabet.

A becomes B, B becomes C, C becomes D and so on….
This little exercise will give you coded messages like this: “UIF FTDBQF TPO BSF HSFBU!”.

Have you managed to crack our secret code? Answer at the end of the article. 😉  

3. Find clues

Clues can be in the form of a drawing, a rebus (with a hanged man, for example), but you can also create a map outlining your Treasure Island!

Nothing could be simpler: take a sheet of paper, some colored pencils and that’s it! Don’t forget to mark out the search areas with examples of the objects you will find in the defined location.

Comment créer une chasse au trésor - Escape Kit

This phase of creation is important, as you have to be careful not to make it too easy for the treasure hunters. You can also help them orally by using the famous hot/cold: “There, you’re boiling! But if you go to the right, you’ll get cold…”.

4. Organize the treasure hunt

Now that you have all the elements you need to create your scavenger hunt, do you want to know how to organize it? You’re in the right place.

Finding good hiding places

What would a scavenger hunt be without hiding places? Finding good hiding places can be a real headache, especially when space is limited.
If your activity takes place in a room in your house, use all the space and objects in it!

For example, in the living room:

  • Hide an enigma under the sofa.
  • Hide another one behind your favorite plant.
  • Hide it behind the TV
  • Hide another one under a chair
  • And many other possibilities! 

Do you prefer to play outdoors to enjoy the nice weather?

In your garden or in a park, use the environment around you:

  • The apple tree at the bottom of the garden
  • The children’s hut
  • The table
  • The park bench
  • The slide in the playground

Let your imagination run wild and, above all, adapt your hiding places to the age of the players!

The animation

When preparing a treasure hunt, the preparations and, in particular, the creation of the riddles can take so long that the surrounding entertainment is almost forgotten. 

ndeed, you already have the main activity, but have you thought about the decorations, the music and especially the snack or aperitif that will accompany your search for a clue? Don’t panic, Escape Kit has thought of everything. 😉

Have you chosen a pirate theme? You can ask the children (and adults) to dress up as pirates.
For the snack, opt for a chocolate cake in the shape of a chest to continue the theme.
And what about the treasure that will reward their tireless search? Insert small chocolate coins and candies at the bottom of a chest full of delicacies.
The immersion effect will be immediate and participants will be amazed.

Want to organize a Halloween treasure hunt with your friends, and the kids are already in bed? Opt for a dark and spooky decoration. You can play with lights, add fake spiders and bloody cocktails.

You already have plenty of ideas to organize your scavenger hunt from start to finish.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, a picnic or a night out with friends, or even an Easter egg hunt, any occasion is a good time to host a scavenger hunt, and now that you have everything on hand, there are no excuses!

It’s a simple and cheap activity that will delight your children and friends.

The answer to our little riddle was: THE ESCAPE KIT ARE GREAT!