Printable games

Looking for a printable game? The Escape Kit team has put together some fun activities for you to learn while having fun.

The team sat down with Mr. Paul L., a child psychologist, to talk about the new popularity of Escape Rooms and to gather his thoughts on Escape Kit.

Do you know about escape rooms? It’s an innovative concept that mixes board games, treasure hunts and party games!


Where does the concept of printable games come from?

Paul L.: It is important to understand that before the industrial revolution, children often made toys out of very simple materials, soil, stones, cardboard, paper, pieces of wood.

Everyone has memories of hopscotch or marbles. The arrival of printing radically changed things.

However, the child was still involved in the construction of his game. Making the game was part of the overall experience. The child knew they need to do their best to print the game well, follow the set-up instructions, and then in the end, as a reward they get to play.

The quality of the execution determines the quality of the game. Attention to detail and patience challenge the child intellectually. 

Are printable games still as popular as they used to be?

PL: Unfortunately not. The arrival of video games and the development of the game industry has significantly decreased the demand for printed games.

For most companies, the potential for profit is much higher for electronic toys or video game. Children have lost a lot of the skills that were involved in games that required critical thinking.

Are printed games having a comeback?

PL: Things are indeed changing rapidly. Parents, educators, and teachers have seen the positive effects of games that require problem-solving.

For example, in recent years, we have seen Legos are a popular Christmas gift. It may also be the result of an increasing awareness of environmental issues. A sheet of cardboard or paper printed has less impact on the environment than an electronic toy made of plastic and powered by batteries.

What do you think of Escape Kit?

PL: I discovered the Escape Kit concept (At-home Escape Rooms)very recently, and I’m a big fan!

This is the kind of game that includes everything a developing child needs: critical thinking skills, cooperation, respect of the time limit… but the aspect of cutting, gluing, and set up is another positive part that stimulates the child’s need to construct that we talked about before. 

This is an educational tool that should be offered all over the world : in schools and daycare centers and also at home with the family.