Affordable Escape Rooms

You want to try out an Escape Room but you think it might be too expensive?

We have a solution!

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Enfants Adultes Madame Duroy Jeu Escape Game

How to pay less for an Escape Room?

Our At-Home Escape Kit start at just $20!

Classic Brick&Mortar Escape Rooms will typically set you back between 100 and 150 dollars. You’re paying for the set up, the Game Master’s time, etc…

We can help you enjoy an Escape Room for a much less cost!

What is an At-Home Escape Room?

Experts have created Escape Rooms to play at home

Download one of our Escape Kits, print it out, follow the easy setup instructions, and you’re ready to play! 

All you have to do is to invite your friends and family

Enfants Adultes Escape Game Jeu