Affordable escape room!

You want to try out an Escape Room with friends or your family, but you think it might be too expensive?

In fact, a real escape room costs an average of $20 per person, which is very expensive… Don’t worry, we have a solution for you and especially for your wallet!

Discover the escape room kit, an activity to do with family, friends or as a couple for a very low price!

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An escape room for less than $22? Possible!

Our at-home Escape Kit start at just $22!

Classic Brick & Mortar escape rooms will typically set you back between 100 and 150 dollars. You’re paying for the setup, the game master’s time, etc…

The advantages of these rooms are decors and the experience, thanks to the game master. But it can be expensive…

However, our team has come up with a solution, to spend less while keeping the spirit of the Escape Room. We present you Escape Kit, an innovative concept for an original and fun activity at a low price: escape room kits for only $22.

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How does an Escape Kit work?

  1. Choose one of the themes below according to the desired level of difficulty and the age of the players.

    Go on a one-hour adventure to discover the world of Harry Potter, the Little Prince, the Pirates, the famous Gentleman Burglar, or even the thieves from Money Heist, among many others!

    Order your favorite kit and you will receive all the game elements by email immediately.

  2. Print the elements and transform your home, your garden, a park… Into an Escape Room adventure!

    Then, you can prepare the game with the setup guide. Get the scissors and glue and let’s go!

  3. Invite your friends or family, prepare some snacks, decorate your play area with accessories, and you’re ready for an hour of play. Think of the memories with pictures!

What will I find in my Escape Kit?

We offer turnkey kits with everything you need to live a unique adventure with your family and friend at a low price!

All our kits includes:

  • The setup guide
  • The puzzles
  • Decorative posters
  • End of game certificates
  • Invitations
  • Accessories for the final photo
  • A personalized playlist with countdown

You can add decorations to make the experience as immersive as you want!

What are the benefits?

  • Games to print: our escape rooms are printable one downloaded (link will expire after 2 years).
  • Unlimited players: if you have 6 or more players, divide the group into smaller groups. Then, print the game as many times as there are groups and challenge teams!
  • Reusable kit: you can keep the kit and use it again with other people (tip:laminate the riddles!).

Are you ready for adventure? We are waiting for you!

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