Cheap Escape Room

Do you want to create an Escape Room ? But you think it is too expensive or complex ?

Check our solution !

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Enfants Adultes Madame Duroy Jeu Escape Game

How to pay less for an Escape Room ?

When you go into a “classic” Escape Room, you will pay between 100 and 150 dollars. The truth is that is the setup, the Game Master, the premises…

But it is not the only way to play ! We can help you to save money while keeping the spirit of an Escape Room!

Our solution: Escape Kit !


What is a House Escape Room ?

Experts from the world of Escape Rooms have created Escape Rooms to play at home. Yes, it is possible!

Download one of our Escape Kit, print it wherever you want, follow the setup instructions, and you are ready to play! 

All you have to do is to invite your friends and family. Everything is informed and organized, you can’t get lost !

You want to learn more about Escape Kit or even create your own House Escape Room, discover the different sections on site.

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