Complete Box

A box for the whole family & friends including 6 Escape Kit for 120$ 94,36$!

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Box of 6 Escape Rooms

6 Escape Kit, 6 hours of play, only 120$ 96,36$!

Are you looking for fun? An original activity? A smart activity for your family & friends?

Escape Kit created the “Complete Box“. It includes 6 Escape Kit that have already seduced thousands of children, teenagers and adults.
Print, transform your house and start the clock!


Mission Will you dare to enter?

You have inherited a large family house which, according to your relatives, is haunted because a family was murdered a few years ago… Convinced that these are rumours, you move in.

To celebrate this event, you have organized a party with your friends.

You are spending a great evening when paranormal phenomena appear: a slamming door, a scream behind you, lights going out… Suddenly, a disturbing noise comes from the basement… Will you dare to enter?

Mission The mysterious murder

On Sunday, November 23, at around 9pm, the Vermont police received a panicked call from someone who had been staying at the Thompson’s Manor on the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

Mrs Thompson was found dead in her room and the cause of death is unknown. There are no signs of forced entry, but there are many elements to be analysed in order to solve this mystery.

The killer has not been identified and the police is currently on its way. As the manor is located in the countryside, they will not arrive for another hour…


Mission Heist of the century

You have been selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history.

Your objective: Rob the central bank of New York, retrieve the contents of the 777 vault… and leave the premises discreetly.

The alarm is deactivated for one hour. You have an hour to become rich and famous… 

Will you be able to get out in time?

Mission The sleeping curse

The new school year has begun in Iwinery, the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft. All the students are, like you, excited and impatient!

On the first day of school, you don’t hear your alarm clock and you arrive late… and then… amazed!

A curse has fallen on Iwinery and all the children, usually so joyful, are plunged into a sleep that seems eternal…

Photo Escape Game Harry Potter
Escape Game pirate

Mission The cursed treasure

Many sailors explored the Isle of the Skull in search of the treasure belonging to the King of Pirates, but no one ever returned…..

Legend has it that the island emerges from the sea every 13 years and only remains afloat for an hour before it disappears.

Will you be able to find the treasure in less than an hour before the island, and you with it, is engulfed, for 13 long years?

Mission Superheroes against Dr. Villain

The High Council of Scientists is made up of the world’s leading scientists… Doctor Villain is angry that he’s been rejected from the Council!

To get revenge, he decides to prepare a toxic recipe to turn the city into zombies and prove to the world that he’s the best scientist! 

You must find his identity and deactivate the bomb containing the toxic virus before it’s too late… Hurry up! There’s only one hour left…

superhero game

Our Players' Adventures

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How does it work ?

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the adventure of your choice

Transform your space

set the mood!

You're ready...

for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure!

Perfect for large groups

Birthdays, classrooms, parties with friends...

Escape Rooms are the best team-building activities available. They require constant communication and challenge players to healthy confrontation.

Simply print out one copy of the game for each smaller group of 3 to 6 players.

Here are some tips for playing with larger groups :

Divide the large group into teams of two to five children who will try to be the first to finish the game.

Put one group per room (bathroom, kitchen...).
If your place allows it, put the groups in different places but be careful that the groups don't mix up the puzzles.

Read the story to all the teams and start the clock.
It's up to the groups to come to you if they need a clue. For every clue that is revealed, you can give a token (ex: two extra minutes on the time, do push-ups...).

Create an atmosphere of expectation around the revelation of the winning team as this will be one of the highlights of the challenge.

User Reviews

Since we couldn't decide on a game, we took the complete box to try them all out!!! We loved it !!! I highly recommend 😍
Lily P.
40 years old - 3 children
This is a great addition to our family game night! It engages everyone, and I love seeing my kids work together.
Liliana N.
44 years old - 4 teens & 2 adults
A friend of mine told me about how she transformed her home into an Escape Room, and we just had to try it! An unforgettable experience for my children, they worked as a team and solved all the puzzles (with the help of the clues) ! Thank you Escape Kit !! 🥰
Sally A.
38 years old - 2 children & 2 teens
I'm so glad I got the complete box so that we could try out several scenarios! Something to please everyone ! Thank you very much ❤️
Melissa M.
30 years old - 2 children
I'm a big fan of Escape Rooms, and I loved being able to do one in the comfort of my own home (while saving money)!! My family loved it and had a very good time !!
Michael J.
44 years old - 3 teens & 2 adults

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Birthday parties, classrooms, evenings with friends or rainy afternoons...

Accessories with every set

Photobooth props, certificates, invitations, and many other surprises to immerse you in the world of the game

Complete Box

  • Age : 6+ years old
  • Play time : 6 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group

Complete Box

  • Age : 6+ years old
  • Play time : 6 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group

Complete Box

  • Age : 6+ years old
  • Play time : 6 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group

Complete Box

  • Age : 6+ years old
  • Play time : 6 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group