Kids Escape Room Box

A children’s box with 3 Escape Kit for only $45!

Escape Game avec les enfants / Kids Escape Room

3 Escape Kit Box

3 Escape Kit, 3 hours of play, for only  $69 $45!

A birthday, a rainy afternoon, an activity backyard or a sleepover? It’s always a good occasion for an Escape Room.

The “Kids Box“ includes 3 Escape Kit that have already won the hearts of hundreds of children and families.

Just print, set the mood, and start the clock!

Photo Escape Game Harry Potter

The sleeping curse

The new school year has begun in Iwinery, the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft. All the students are, like you, excited and impatient!

On the first day of school, you don’t hear your alarm clock and you arrive late… and then… amazed!

A curse has fallen on Iwinery and all the children, usually so joyful, are plunged into a sleep that seems eternal… 

Superheroes versus Dr. Villain

The High Council of Scientists is made up of the world’s leading scientists… Doctor Villain is angry because he’s been rejected from the Council !

To get revenge, he decides to prepare a toxic recipe to turn the city into zombies and prove to the world that he’s the best scientist! 

You must find out his real identity and deactivate the bomb containing the toxic virus before it’s too late… Hurry up! There’s only one hour left…

superhero game
Escape Game pirate

The cursed treasure

Many sailors ventured to the Isle of the Skull in search of the treasure belonging to the Pirate King, but no one ever returned…

Legend has it that the island emerges from the sea every 13 years and only remains afloat for an hour before it disappears.

Will you be able to find the treasure in less than an hour before the island, and you with it, is engulfed for 13 long years?

Our players' Adventures

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How does it work?

Download and print

the adventure of your choice

Transform your space

set the mood!

You're ready...

for 1 hour of unforgettable adventure!

Perfect for large groups

Birthdays, classrooms, parties with friends...

Escape Rooms are the best team-building activities available. They require communication, cooperation, and challenge players to engage in healthy confrontation.

For large groups, simply print out one copy of the game for each smaller group of 3 to 5 players.

Here are some tips for playing with larger groups :

Divide the large group into teams of two to five children who will try to be the first to finish the game.

Put one group per room (bathroom, kitchen...).
If your place allows it, put the groups in different places but be careful that the groups don't mix up the puzzles.

Read the story to all the teams and start the clock.
It's up to the groups to come to you if they need a clue. For every clue that is revealed, you can give a token (ex: two extra minutes on the time, do push-ups...).

Create an atmosphere of expectation around the revelation of the winning team as this will be one of the highlights of the challenge.

Rave Reviews

The perfect gift for our kids!!! They loved the puzzles and the different themes 😊
Samantha A.
41 years old - 3 children
I was super impressed! Loved not needing to leave my house!! My kids had a great time (and i liked seeing them away from their video games!!) 😁
Lisa M.
35 years old - 2 children
I found Escape Kit while I was looking for escape games for kids. I'm glad we got the box set, because my kids were begging for more after they tried the first one!
Luna L.
35 years old - 2 children
Many thanks, Escape Kit! The box set was perfect for my son's birthday. We'll save the other two games for a rainy day...
Mila S.
33 years old - 1 child
I'm in love with this concept!! Thanks Escape Kit for creating the box set so that we don't have to choose ❤️
Milan G.
42 years old - 10 teens & 12 adults

Ready to play instantly

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Perfect for any occasion

Birthday parties, classrooms, evenings with friends or rainy afternoons...

Accessories with every set

Photobooth props, certificates, invitations, and many other surprises to immerse you in the game

Kids box

  • Age : 6-14 years old
  • Play time : 3 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group

Kids box

  • Age : 6-14 years old
  • Play time : 3 x 1h
  • Number of players : 2-5 players per group