Key to Wonderland


A journey into a mad world...


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the PDF to prepare your activity


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The puzzles

The essentials to get you started: a captivating mission scenario, a series of puzzles and challenges to achieve, to reach your final goal!


Posters, invitation, victory poster (so important!) and other accessories for a total immersion in Alice’s universe for a madcap adventure.

Alice in Wonderland inspired - Escape Room
Alice in Wonderland inspired - Escape Room

The instructions

Each step has been thought by our specialists to make the setup as easy and quick as possible. 

Follow the guide: print, cut and install, that’s it!

The playlist

A YouTube playlist accompanies you to plunge your house or apartment in an extraordinary mood.

Team spirit and sharing, challenge yourself in a stimulating, playful and healthy confrontation.

60 min

of play

A moment of reflection, laughter, and race against the clock!

2 to 90


Our Escape Kit can be adapted to a large number of people.

Our adventurers in photos

Like hundreds of players in the United Kingdom and the United States, enter Alice's extraordinary universe for a madcap adventure with the "Key to Wonderland".

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What does your Escape Kit "Key to Wonderland" contain?


Small or large group, Key to Wonderland is suitable for all situations

Birthdays, classrooms, parties with friends...

Whether it’s a birthday party, an educational classroom activity or a night out with friends, our Escape Kit games can be played with 2 or several dozen participants.

Team building activities, our Escape Room games require constant communication between players and challenge them to a healthy and fun confrontation.

Key to Wonderland, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s universe, offers a fun and competitive environment in which players compete simultaneously as a team to achieve the ultimate victory.

Initially designed for 2-5 players, «Key to Wonderland» can be easily adapted (and at no additional cost) to large groups of more than 5 players, in a lively team competition.


Here are some tips for playing with larger groups:

Divide the large group into teams of two to five children who will try to be the first to finish the game.

Put one group per room (bathroom, kitchen...).
If your place allows it, put the groups in different places but be careful that the groups don't mix up the puzzles.

Read the story to all the teams and start the clock.
It's up to the groups to come to you if they need a clue. For every clue that is revealed, you can give a token (ex: two extra minutes on the time, do push-ups...).

Create an atmosphere of expectation around the revelation of the winning team as this will be one of the highlights of the challenge.

They love us!

(and we love them too) 🥰

Excellent game for children! It reminded us of our childhood, a great family moment! We transformed our house into a wacky and very fun world thanks to Escape Kit and your new game. Thank you so much!!! And thank you for your DIY tips for the accessories 😉
Escape game avatar
Harry M.
2 kids
I wanted to try this escape room because I love Alice in Wonderland. It was my favorite movie. Thank you so much Escape Kit for this wonderful experience!!! My kids had a great time with their friends <3
Escape game avatar
Amelia M.
4 kids
Excellent game for children! Perfect atmosphere with the music and decoration! The kids laughed a lot 🙂 A rainy weekend with the family and a lot of fun.
Escape game avatar
James P.
2 kids
Very nice birthday party with Escape Kit 😉 The kids had a lot of fun with Alice and the Mad Hatter. The preparation didn't take long and the result was great.
Escape Game avatar
Lillian U.
6 kids
A very fun experience for the whole family! We really enjoyed this escape room. We would like to thank Escape Kit for their work and customer service. The decoration is of great quality and the scenery is perfect. We really felt like in wonderland. I highly recommend it.
Escape game maison
Jim H.
3 kids
The children loved playing « Key to Wonderland». A fun and playful game. They did it in less than an hour. 🙂 The puzzles are great! Can't wait to try the other adventures.
Escape game avatar jaune
Harper C.
5 kids

Escape Kit: a complete Escape Room to do at home, and much more!

An Escape Room ready to play

Delivered complete, your Escape Kit simply needs to be printed and the game can begin. Start now!

Ideal for all types of events

Whether it's a birthday party, a school event, a rainy weekend, a night out with friends or an impromptu party, our Escape Kit are the ideal companions for all your gatherings.

Many bonus accessories

Invitations to hand out or send, personalized photobooth, soundtrack and many other surprises are waiting for you, to totally immerse yourself in the game universe.

Satisfied or refunded

Your purchase does not meet your expectations? No problem, we will refund you 100% on request.

Have a question? Our FAQ has the answer.

Gameplay & setup

Key to Wonderland is an Escape Room designed for children from 8 to 11 years old, ideal to have fun while you are brain-teasing!

Material needed:

  • A printer
  • A full ink cartridge
  • Scissors
  • A cutter
  • Glue
  • Tape

Absolutely! Our escape rooms are designed so that everyone can play them: in a house or in an apartment, indoors or outdoors, in one or several rooms. 

Yes, this is a cooperative team adventure designed for players from 2 to 5 people. If there are more players, make teams and print one copy of the game per team. In this case, the first group to finish wins 😉  For example, for a group of 25 people, print the Escape Kit 5 times and make groups of 5.

During the game, it is necessary to use the internet to access the clues and answers to help the children if needed. However, this page can be accessed from a phone for simplicity. 

Of course!

You can set up the game outside, either in your garden or in a park. Psst, be careful with the wind 😉 

Downloads & Information

To purchase this Escape Room, simply: 

  • Add the game to the cart
  • Enter your data (name, last name, email)
  • Confirm your order
  • Open and download the Zip file received by email from a computer
  • Read the setup and printing guide
  • Print the game and prepare it according to the setup guide
  • Start the timer and you are ready for 1 hour of Escape Room adventure at home! 

We have designed guides to help you as much as possible with the setup: a printing guide, a setup guide and clues and answers guide.

It is very simple. 🙂

Yes, a parent, for example, must be present to guide the children and help them in their mission.

We recommend that the game master read the documents carefully and test the game before starting the activity.

This game can be played in the main room. Not enough space? It can only be played at the table. However, for a memorable and immersive experience, it is strongly recommended to hide the clues as indicated in the guide. 

Your file has been emailed to you after your order on our website. Just click on the link at the heart of the email and the file will download itself.

You can also download it directly from your Escape Kit account under “Downloads”.

Can’t find it? Write us a message.

Accessories and decorations

Of course! The kit contains accessories, but you can add costumes and objects such as a disguise, a pocket watch, a top hat…

Key to Wonderland