Best gifts for mom who has everything?

Birthday, Christmas, wedding, Mother’s Day… Gift ideas for mom & new mom!

Our mothers have been with us since the beginning of our lives and are always there for us. They play an important role in our daily lives, whether we are children, teenagers or even adults, we are still their babies.

There are many important women in our lives who fill the role of mother; an aunt, a mother-in-law, a close family friend, a mother-to-be… In short, all the women in our daily lives! And these mothers do so much to make us feel good, that a little attention from time to time always comes in handy.

Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, a birth, a new job… There are plenty of occasions when you can make them happy, even on an ordinary day! A gift always brings a smile. 😉 Except… We’ve all heard our moms say one day, “I don’t need anything!” So what gift for mom who has everything, and who doesn’t want anything?

And that’s where Escape Kit comes in. We’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for (future / new) mom who has everything. From DIY ideas, to cheap and customizable gifts, to unique experiences, not to mention the classic flower bouquet, you’re sure to find a gift idea that will make the mother you’re giving it to happy! 

I. Unique experiences

We often think of a gift as something material, but it can also be a new experience. Whether it’s an art activity like pottery (also called ceramics), an outdoor activity like rock climbing or tree climbing, or even an Escape Room game to play at home with a personalized ending to announce good news like a pregnancy, for example… There are so many ways to surprise moms that have everything


1. Craft workshops

Craft workshops are becoming more and more popular, especially thanks to the Viator website, which offers a list of original activities to give as gifts or to treat yourself. There is something for all mothers and at all prices. 

  • Learn how to paint on canvas
  • Learn how to make a craft beer
  • Create a beautiful piece of jewelry with a jeweler
  • Create your own beauty creams

2. Escape Room games

The Escape Room games have developed a lot in recent years, both at home and physically. You can find all kinds of escape rooms with a wide variety of themes, to do with friends or family, inspired by your favorite movies and series: Harry Potter, The Money Heist, Arsène Lupin, Gastby the Magnificent, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many others! You can opt for a gift card, or even prepare the adventure in advance.

3. Rural experiences

New experiences can also take the form of an original stay;  

  • In a wooden cabin (also called log cabin) with all the comforts of home, without a net to disconnect
  • In a bubble on the water for an unforgettable evening
  • In a yurt (glamping) in the middle of English or American countryside

It can be a great idea if you decide to create a family money pot or if your budget allows it.

If you want to let your mom choose her own experience, you can always opt for a nice gift card from Airbnb, Booking or even Smartbox.

II. Homemade and personalized gift ideas

We have all heard the phrase “it’s the thought that counts”. Indeed, you may invest a huge budget in a gift, but it’s the thought itself that will give you the most pleasure. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than that for the mother you’re giving the gift to say, “Someone thought of me! 

1. Do-it-yourself (DIY) Ideas

That’s why diy ideas are always a good idea. Plus, Pinterest is a goldmine for cheap diy ideas that are sure to hit the spot. 

Here are our easy and inexpensive diy ideas to make at home: 

  • A beautiful portrait of your mother drawn by you
  • An acrylic canvas to decorate her house with her favorite colors 
  • The everlasting pasta necklace that works (you can use food coloring or paint to give a touch of color to your penne) 
  • A photo album with handwritten notes
  • A paper mache vase with bottles

2. Original creations

If you are passionate about music, writing, acting or even sports, use your talents to surprise your mother! You can compose or play her a beautiful melody on your favorite instrument, write her a beautiful poem full of love or a crazy story, or even perform a play or show her your latest basketball or gymnastics figure! The possibilities are endless, and these are very original gift ideas

3. Personalized gifts

If you’re short on time or inspiration, there are plenty of ways to create personalized gifts online

We share with you some options:

  • Create a photo album
  • Create a personalized mug
  • Give a keychain with a photo of your family as a gift
  • Create a canvas with a photo on Etsy

4. Gifts for nature lovers

An invitation to escape! Going for a walk close to home is a way to marvel at the spaces that surround us every day. Is your mother fond of hiking, nature and plants? It is the perfect occasion to give her a gift related to her passion.

Here are some ideas for nature-related gifts: 

  • A herbarium: buy a nice notebook and make a herbarium in it. Write down where you found a pretty petal or a leaf on the ground. You can also write the name of the tree or flower… Fill in a few pages and it will be your child’s turn to fill in the others when he goes for a walk.
  • A frame of dried flowers: place a beautiful leaf or flower that you have left to dry in a frame.
  • A bouquet of flowers: give a pretty bouquet of flowers as a gift. It is a fairly common gift idea, but a nice bouquet of flowers is always a pleasure, especially for nature lovers. You can make it yourself at a florist or buy a ready-made one. In any case, she will love this gift. 
  • A terrarium: easy to make, opt for the creation of a homemade terrarium. Buy a vase and add soil, pretty pebbles and the succulent plant of your choice. These plants are very easy to care for and will look great in your home.

III. Special gifts

Does your mom have a passion for any activity? Whether it’s traveling, cooking, puzzles or reading, if your mom has a favorite interest, here are some gift ideas related to her passions:

1. For moms who love to travel

  • A book about her dream destination
  • A family money pot for the organization of a future trip
  • Travel luggage such as: a hiking bag, a backpacker’s guide, a hat, sunglasses…
  • Decorative objects typical of a country

2. For moms passionate about cooking: 

  • A book of original recipes
  • Original cooking utensils
  • Kitchen robots
  • Subscription to HelloFresh
  • A restaurant in couple
  • A restaurant at home, with a delicious dinner made by yourself!

3. For moms who love jigsaw puzzles

  • A personalized puzzle with photos of the family, for example, or of your pet. 
  • A puzzle on a theme you like

4. For book-loving moms

  • Thriller and detective novels
  • A personalized bookmark
  • An e-reader

5. For fashionable mothers

  • Monthly subscription to Rocksbox jewelry
  • Clothing subscription as Stitch Fix
  • Shopping afternoon (goal: find a nice dress or a pair of boots)

6. For mothers who love to take care of themselves

  • Gift voucher for a home massage
  • Ipsy Beauty Box
  • Massage in a beauty salon at low prices with Groupon
  • Beauty treatments at home at low prices

And here’s a nice selection of gifts to give to a mom who already has everything. These gift ideas can also be very suitable for a dad, or even for another one of your relatives. Do you have any original gift ideas you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments! 🙂