Fun things to do with friends at night!

5 activities to do with your friends

Friends nights are the best moment where you can exchange, have fun, dance, eat well and have a lot of fun together! Your friends group looks like the famous one in the TV show “Friends”, and you’ve already achieved everything together, and you don’t know what fun things you could do with your friends? No worries, we’ve found 5 cheap activity ideas which you can do at home, to answer the famous question “what to do when bored?”.

1. The most playful: The Escape Room

To enjoy your evening with friends, sometimes simplicity is the key. A good couch, some “petits fours”, a good homemade cocktail (or two, or three!) and above all, some fun board games! At night, games with friends are a good way to spend a pleasant moment without bad spirit. Game night ideas: Monopoly, card games, Trivial Pursuit, The Scrabble… The choice of board games available being very large, you will always find something you’ll like.

 Are you in an adventurous mood and want to try something out of the ordinary? We can only recommend our Escape Rooms to do at home! Indeed, Escape Rooms are now available in your home thanks to our “print and play” concept.

No need to pay an astronomical amount of money or to travel in the middle of the evening to live an immersive experience with an Escape Room. Money Heist (also called “La Casa de Papel”), Arsène Lupin, or even a giant murder party, you are guaranteed to find a universe that will satisfy your closest friends, while enjoying an hour of total escape over a little drink. 

money of the heist for adults

What’s more? The accessories are provided in our ready-to-use kits, which will bring more immersion. All you have to do is download your game, print it out and enjoy an original evening with friends!

Pssst: the advantage of Escape Kit is that you don’t need a game master to play, everyone can have fun! Perfect for a friend’s night out!

2. The most classical: the cinema at home

What could be better than organizing a movie session with your friends? Yes, going to the movies is great, but it can rapidly turn into a huge budget, especially if you are a group of movie-loving friends! And why go out, when you can recreate the atmosphere at home?

In order to organize this evening, you will need:

  • Armchairs
  • Sofas
  • Cushions
  • Plaids of all kinds
  • Lots of popcorn
  • A long movie list

The goal is to create a comfortable corner where you can lounge around, enjoy your popcorn (whether you’re a savory or sweet team, no judgement here at Escape Kit!) and most importantly, watch your favorite movie! On flat screen TV, computer or video projector. Any format is good for a great time with your friends.


 If these movie nights become your weekly ritual, keep a notebook where you write down the names of the movies with everyone’s ratings next to them! This way, you’ll have a record of the movies you watched and a great memory to look back on in ten years with your friends.

Psst: To spice up this movie night, you can spin a bowl in which everyone writes their favorite movie. Harry Potter, Arsène Lupin, Agatha Christie’s Little Murders… All you have to do is randomly pick a movie! Excitement guaranteed.

3. The most refreshing: cocktail & mocktail tasting

Is going out to a bar one of your favorite activities with your friends? How about bringing the atmosphere of your favorite pub, but at home? Making homemade cocktails is a super fun and much more affordable activity!

You can use ingredients you already have in your cabinets, or take the opportunity to restock with an elaborate shopping list.


Whether it’s with or without alcohol, this activity with your friends will not only be interesting and creative, but will also allow you to have a great time from home, with drinks worthy of your city’s most exclusive bars. Let’s get creative!  Perfect for a Friday night fun! 😉

Trick: Are you new to mixology? Don’t panic, discover 20 cheap and easy cocktails recipes with ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. You’ll be a mixologist in no time!

4. The most creative: the painting workshop

Becoming an artist has always been your dream, but you never took the time to achieve it? Contact your most faithful artists and get to work on your paintings!

You don’t need to have the brushstroke of Leonardo da Vinci to spend a pleasant evening with your friends. Indeed, with little material and a lot of imagination, nothing is impossible.

Many stores sell all the equipment you need to compete with the famous Van Gogh. From brushes to canvas to colorful paints, you can buy materials at a very affordable price if you take the time to investigate.

All you have to do is turn your apartment into a well-protected studio, and you’re done. Your works of art could even be stolen by our world-famous gentleman burglar, Arsène Lupin


Psst: You can pick a theme with your aspiring artists beforehand, and vote for the most beautiful creation at the end!

5. The most gourmet: the (almost) perfect dinner

Who hasn’t watched Come Dine With Me? This show, that made our mouths water and sometimes made us laugh out loud, is so easy to recreate at home!

From the appetizer to the dessert, without forgetting the animation, you are sure to have a great time, and to come back home with a full belly (if your friends are good cooks… surprise!).

On the same principle as the famous show, you can define a different day per person, and choose a theme randomly. All you have to do is create a confessional, which is a place where each head chef can give the score he or she wants to give to his or her competitors. Put on your aprons to have an excellent meal and play time


For the animation, why not propose an Escape Room for a fun and evasive appetizer? The choice of the animation will be crucial, so surprise your friends with originality! The failures may be bitter, but that’s what will make the charm of the evening! A lot of fun guaranteed! 😉 The important thing is to participate, isn’t it?

Psst: If you and your friends don’t have a lot of time to get together, you can do this dinner in one evening, but each one of you will be able to take care of a different dish: two people will take care of the appetizer, two others will be in charge of the cocktails (or mocktails!), another group will concoct the main dish, etc…

That’s it, you definitely don’t have any excuse for the next 5 parties to come! Do you have any other ideas in mind? Leave us a little comment below the article to inspire other fun-loving people like you! Did you achieve one of our ideas above? Send us your best pictures, we’ll be happy to see them!